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Momentum Traders Watch-List for 3.25.2019 ---> $C $CHGG $WFC $AABA $BK $CPRI $ETFC $PNC $COF $HSBC $FRC

These tickers were viewed on the one year daily chart and met my bearish criteria for: Downward momentum by breaking the lower Bollinger Bands thus shifting direction from bullish or sideways and putting it into what appears to be the beginning stages off a sell off over the last 3 trading periods.
How to trade these: First and foremost, keep an eye on a bullish spike at the market opening on March 25th since the Dow closed -460 points the previous Friday. After you do your own DD and if you determine this is a trade you are taking. Wait for the bullish spike to happen and let it run it’s course until it levels out on the 5 minute time-frame, then look for an entry once it confirms a downward trend.

Since these are mid to large caps I would personally use Options for these trades

. These in NO WAY are to be traded bullishly. Even if they have a green day on March 25th, there is a great chance they will continue to go lower in price. You would obviously be buying put contracts to ride it down. You will want to buy ATM and take profits either the next day or between 20% - 30%, whichever comes first. Your entry matters, if you make a bad entry be realistic with expectations on profits. Do not get greedy and try to chase home run profits…. Bear’s get fat, but hogs get slaughtered! If you have a great entry this could become a day trade for you, otherwise expect a short term swing trade.

Above all else…. Buy enough time on your contracts! I cannot stress this enough. Do not be cheap and try to hit a home run by sacrificing contract length for more of them. Theta will destroy you. I recommend 3 to 4 weeks left on contracts. You might get lucky and get by a time or two, but it will catch you in the end and destroy your portfolio if you don’t listen.

Do your own DD! These are not recommendation to trade. These are only to be watched for what you deem as a reason to decide for a trade. I am in no way a financial adviser, so all risk, liabilities, and responsibility falls on the person making the trade. There is NO guarantee to make money on these tickers. Expect to lose money, especially if you’re not an experienced trader.
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