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Transparent Traders Funded Intro Account powered by Tradenet

            Are you ready to trade but don't have the funds?

You can trade another firm's money with a funded account. Through Tradenet you can get a $14,000 funded Intro account for $399.  Yes that is correct!  $399 will get you access to a funded account with $14,000 in buying power that will not be restricted by PDT, meaning you can take as many day trades as you want.  If you're ready to take advantage of this sale and start trading with only a $399 investment that will give you $14,000 in buying power, click below on the "Intro Program" to checkout!  For more information about the funded account click to talk with a representative.


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What you get with this package:


10 hours of Premarket Exploration
16 hours of Trading Strategy Evening Lessons
20 hours of Swing Trades Sessions
30 hours of Live Trading
40 Hours of Q&A Sessions


Self-Study Course
Hours of online course that is available to watch, learn, and get better all the time
Trading Book
Read and learn from the “Market Whisperer” — an Amazon best-selling book about trading

Eligibility to Apply to Trade a Funded Account
By joining this program, you can apply to trade a $14,000 funded account with a private investment firm and keep 70% of your net profits

What are the benefits for the Intro Program?

Most traders while learning or those with small accounts don't have the funds to make consistent profits since they are limited by the PDT rule.  The PDT rule, also known as "Pattern Day Trader" limits you to only 3 day trades for every 5 day period.  With this package you get around the PDT rule and have unlimited trades with $14,000 in buying power.  By only paying $399 you limit your exposure to what you can lose, which is what you pay for the program even if you lose more in your account.  The firm will allow you to take up to $700 in losses.  The $399 pays for the program entirely.  

Included in the program you also get a demo account, access to a Live Trading Chat Room, a Trading Book, and a Self- Study Course.

What is the payment structure?

Since you are using a prop account that gives you access to $14,000 and also by-passes the PDT rule,  at the end of the month you will get to keep 70% of your profits.

So what makes this account good for traders?

Two of the main reasons why is you can trade without having to have $25,000 in your account.  You won't be stuck having to take on a bad swing trade because of the PDT rule and it causing you to lose more money.  Instead of risking your own money in the market you will be risking the money in the prop account that was paid for based on your program level you purchased.  For example, if you're a new trader who has $3,000 in their account.  If you use that money you could potentially lose all of it. Because you bought a prop account the max amount of money you could lose is the amount you paid for your program.  Even though the firm would take on your losses, keep in mind that you want to do everything possible and trade responsibly. 

If you're looking to trade with an account size larger than $14,000, please contact a representative to see which program would be best for you!  


  1. I can verify that the intro program is real. Make sure you have about one week to study the material because it is slightly different than trading in USA accounts.

  2. I really like the Tradenet account. It is so easy to scalp like James says to do. I have more than made my money back in a week of using it.

    1. Awesome to here Kay, glad you are enjoying it. Profit is Profit!

  3. Hey everyone, my account manager for Tradenet told me today that you can lock in the $350 account and it will be saved for you as long as you don't use it. I have already been using mine but I didn't know you could lock in the price until you are ready. I think that will give people a chance to get better before trading real money.

  4. Hey Kay Jones van you explain a bit about locking in the $350 account?

  5. 100% legit. If your serious about your success as a trader,then I encourage you to make the choice to sign up.

  6. This will enable you to comprehend the trading potential outcomes and how would you manage dealers. When you are certain that you can begin with genuine cash, Online Broker For Forex Trading you are allowed to proceed.