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📈 Intro For How I Trade Stock Options | Stock Options Trading Course

This is my introduction for my mini series that I will be releasing the videos for one video per day on how I trade options. So this isn't only going to be just how I trade options, I'm gonna go over different things like, what are options, the benefits for trading options, the pros and cons, How I trade the calls and puts, and I'll actually show you a trade with a call and a put.
What I look for in trading options and the best price ranges that I feel in my opinion. I'll explain all of that. So I mean if this is something you're interested in you should definitely follow this series. Please subscribe and hit that notification button so you'll get notified for these videos when I post them daily. If you do not know how to trade go to my playlist.

I have another free course there in playlist one and two.

In the end the content is all the same but playlist one I teach it using EMA's and playlist two I teach you using Bollinger Bands, check those out if you're wanting to learn how to trade. I look forward to talking to you guys in the transparent traders group and for those who I talked to on Twitter and if you have any questions, that will be the best place to contact me at so I appreciate you guys taking time to watch this video and I hope you enjoy this series.

TOS Link For Scanner- http://tos.mx/gQtvgL

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  1. This course will be off the chain folks!

  2. These courses are absolutely wonderful! I wasn't sure if I was really interested in investing in stocks and learning how to trade. What really pushed me away were all of the courses you had to pay upfront for. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom for free!

  3. This is fantastic! I was looking for a series on stock education and a legit free stock course that wasn't too lengthy or involved a windy investment of time to understand. I am new to stock trading and really don't know all the options I have out there. My brother in law got into trades a few years ago and now here I am. Thanks for this introduction series. A lot of people would charge a price for the information. I will be sure to watch every video.

    1. Sam Glad you enjoyed the video, feel free to ask any questions you might have.

  4. Thanks for including the two different programs in your curriculum. I've been researching both and haven't decided which I'm going to focus more on yet. Being able to learn how they each work really helps with that decision.

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