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Own the Chaos Mentor-Ship Program

What is the MENTOR-SHIP Program Might You Ask?


 The Own The Chaos Mentor-ship program allows you to interact directly with me via voice chat during the busiest and most volatile time during the market open.

Ask questions, get alerts, and learn from some of the most experienced penny stock traders out there! For around a dollar a day, you can't get a better value for the money.

Everyday, we celebrate the success of others in the Chaos team, and we want to celebrate yours too! Get started today!

What will I learn?

How to trade and profit consistently with penny stocks. 

How to utilize scanners to find the hottest picks for the day. 

How to manage risk vs reward.

Basic understanding of penny stock volatility For both beginner and advanced traders Uncovering the best entry and exit strategies.

Trading penny stocks is a great way to grow a small account fast, and large accounts even faster! Having the best tools and resources at your fingertips is the key to finding that success. Join me to find out how hundreds of experienced and inexperienced traders alike found the Own The Chaos course to not only be useful, but essential to their success in this volatile market. Id love to be a part of your success, and I will be with you every step of the way!

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