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Stock Ticker TREP - Time to Accumulate Shares

The stock is Trucept, Inc ( #TREP), the marketing arm of several nationally known PEO firms. They have divisions/offer services in payroll processing, hr consulting, accounting/controller, unemployment insurance, 401k plans etc. The company has an O/S of 52 million & float of only 24 million (neither have changed in over 5 years), increasing revs, making a net profit Q after Q, has no debt/notes, has no dilution at all, five new clients signed in last month, high insider ownership (ceo owns 5 million shares) and they’re expanding into new areas (most recent being accounting/controller services). I spoke with CEO recently and their new fully updated website should be out in the next couple weeks. I also believe there is a merger/acquisition in the works, possibly with an accounting firm. The CEO Norman E Tipton has also been an attorney for 24 years. The stock is super thin and I’ve been accumulating on the bid for the most part. It really is unlike most junk on the OTC and I could see this one running huge in the coming weeks/months and also uplisting to a major exchange in the future. Please take a look at the accumulation line on the charts, it’s impressive. Here are links to their OTC profile, filings and recent news: https://t.co/anCiqLPNEm & https://t.co/pEXfQjus0P  & https://t.co/F1cOCb8hhY - I was also able to verify some of their current 401k clients here: https://t.co/Li9l2WydpK - they have Subway listed as one of their clients...If you could please check them out when you have some time it would be appreciated. All this company needs going forward is more awareness. It’s 100% legit with no fluff PR’s etc.

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