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New Tweet From FUSZ CEO Rory

Wanted to share a couple of things I’m excited about this weekend. Just saw a demo of the interface for a new interactive video creator we’ll be releasing soon. This is the team that did UX design for Apple and Snap Chat. They nailed it. This is what I’m talking about!!

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  1. Rope -- Check
    > Nothing to be concerned about -- Check
    > DD Beefed Up -- Check
    > nFusz on the list of the 21 Video Marketing Tools that Every Marketer Should Know in 2019 -- Check
    > Genius in place as the nFusz Chief Technology Officer (Chad Thomas, MIT educated and the Architect of MySpace) -- Check
    > Hall-of-Fame caliber team assembled -- Check
    > Integrations with Oracle/NetSuite, Marketo, Odoo, Microsoft, Salesforce, Facebook, Instagram -- Check
    > notifiMED being adapted for clinical trial initiatives -- Check
    > dr2marketing and nFusz sharing revenue derived from use of the notifiCRM interactive video platform by dr2marketing CLIENTS - https://t.co/ZzsrCVmzlf -- Check
    > Dubaiceberg Production (United Arab Emirates) using nFusz interactive video for their CLIENTS - https://t.co/nXGyr835B6 -- Check
    > nFusz gaining traction -- Check
    > nFusz Quiet Period over -- Check
    > Naysayer Quiet Period operational -- Check
    > Sound Concepts itching to join nFusz on the NASDAQ -- Check
    > nFusz technology is the Rocket Fuel for Brightools -- Check
    > Sound Concepts owners describe being acquired by nFusz as a No Brainer -- Check
    > The nFusz-Sound Concepts merger is much more than 1+1=2, it is 1+1=7x7 -- Check
    > Combined Brightools and notifi mobile app being actively worked for release to approximately 1/2 Million users in January -- Check
    > New interactive video creator in the Hopper -- Check
    > Disruptive -- Check
    > Transformational -- Check
    > Launchpad -- Check
    > Seat Belt time -- Check
    > Funds in place to BUY more nFusz shares -- Check

    LOCK the FLOAT !! - big smile big smile