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Transparent Traders Group Watch-List for the Week of 12.3.2018

Weekly the Transparent Traders Group makes a weekly Watch-List.  For this the Week of 12.03.2018 see below for our list.

Transparent Traders is a group that networks stock traders of all experience levels. We offer an 8 hour free stock trading course for those who are wanting to learn, or for those who want to take their trades to the next level. We are successful stock traders who believe in giving back to the trading community. Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/20987... Facebook Messenger Group Chat: https://m.me/join/AbYFNHAWxHfJPBoa


  1. nFusz Files Patent Application for its Unique In-Video Call-to-Action Technology For Mobile Devices ---> HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Dec. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- nFusz, Inc. (OTCQB: FUSZ), a leader in business-focused interactive video, and the pioneer of Augmented Sales Intelligence software, announced it has filed a patent application for its unique interactive video technology, and also expanded its senior management team with the addition of new Chief Technology Officer, Chad Thomas.

    The patent application covers the use of in-video, clickable calls-to-action (“CTAs”) displayed on mobile devices, particularly, devices utilizing Apple’s IOS operating system, and Google’s Android operating system. The nFusz technology is unique in that it allows mobile users to interact with clickable CTAs while watching videos that appear in their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds, natively, without leaving the application.

    “Sales, marketing, and advertising professionals have all embraced the power of video displayed within social media feeds,” said Rory J. Cutaia, CEO of nFusz. “Confirming our leadership position in the space, and upping the game, we’re delivering the technology that will enable video clickable calls-to-action right in the feeds of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is a tool every sales and marketing professional will want to add to their arsenal.”

    The Company also announced that Chad Thomas has joined the nFusz senior management team as its Chief Technology Officer to lead software engineering and architecture.

    “I’m excited to be part of such a talented team and to join at a time when the Company is poised for global growth. This is truly innovative technology we’re deploying across multiple sectors and building for scale is what I thrive on,” stated Chad Thomas.

    About Chad Thomas
    Mr. Thomas has extensive engineering, technology, programming, and software development experience, and a proven track record of innovation and building for scale. Mr. Thomas’ background includes: Architect, designer and coder of MySpace, where he built the platform that accommodated rapid global growth for millions of users; Co-Founder, architect and CTO of Lifespeed, Inc., a revolutionary health and wellness platform that allows families, medical professionals, and caretakers to safely store and share medical history data and participate in clinical trials; and CTO of Swarm Engineering, where he created the technology to allow edge IoT devices to work in a swarm to solve problems in a traditional cloud-based analytics architecture. Mr. Thomas began his career as an Airborne Ranger. Mr. Thomas studied electrical engineering at the University of Nebraska and has an M.S. in electrical engineering and computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

  2. Arsanis Pharmaceuticals (ASNS) is a clinical-stage biopharma company that conducts research and develops applications for monoclonal antibody immunotherapies.

    These developments address an array of serious infectious diseases and types of cancer. This past Wednesday, ASNS agreed to merge with privately held X4 Pharmaceuticals, in an all stock transaction.The stock went from 1.37 to 4.50 that day and has been flagging for the rest of the week.

    On Friday, ASNS broke thru that 4.50 level to the upside, which was a very positive technical sign. I will be watching this next week for continued follow through as I feel like it has upside to the mid 7’s.

    Adial Pharmaceuticals (ADIL) is a is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of treatments for addictions, most specifically, alcohol.

    ADIL’s lead drug, AD04, is a genetically targeted therapeutic agent for the treatment of alcohol use disorder. A phase 2 clinical trial has shown very promising results in reducing frequency of drinking, quantity of drinking and heavy drinking with no real safety concerns.

    On Thursday, shares of ADIL rallied 112% on nearly 10 times average volume after the company announced a scientific advisory board to advance phase 3 trials of AD04. The stock has shown great relative strength on Friday and will definitely be worth watching if it could break Fridays high of $5.

    Ocular Therapeutix, Inc. (OCUL) a biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the formulation, development, and commercialization of therapies for diseases and conditions of the eye using its bioresorbable hydrogel platform technology.

    On Wednesday this week Anthony Mattessich, President and CEO of Ocular presented at the 30th Annual Piper Jaffray Healthcare Conference. In addition to the presentation, the management team hosted investor meetings at the conference.

    Evidently, investors liked what they heard on Wednesday because the stock has been acting very well. OCUL was trading in the low 5s on Tuesday and then Wednesday, the day of the conference, the stock traded to the high 5s on huge volume. The momentum continued later in the week, trading as high as 6.88 on heavy volume.

    I will be watching for a pull back on light volume to the mid 6s for a potential buy. I’ll also be looking for a potential entry if the momentum continues and the stock moves higher than 7.

    Other names I am watching next week are AGE, NTEC, NBEV, DTRM and NIO

  3. NHPI is officially a penny stock and no longer sub penny. It's holding and building new base. This will attract an entire new investor. Big time folks.

  4. INND short interest reduced from 159k to 3k shares! Shorts have covered. Reversal coming very soon imo. https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/INND/quote …

  5. INKW Walk through review. Additional updates forth coming. Everything progressing very nicely.

    1. Just picked up a starter pack of this one today 👍👍💲💲