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Stock Ticker - Trivago N.V. (TRVG)

Trivago N.V. (TRVG) is a German transnational technology company specializing in internet-related services and products in the hotel, lodging and meta search fields. Many of you have probably seen their commercials on television as they pitch they can find the best prices on hotel rooms anywhere. The American travel company Expedia Group owns a majority of the company's stock(EXPE). TRVG popped this week after the company returns to profitability in Q3 on net income of 10.1M euros compared to a loss of 7.7m euros the same period last year. Shares of Trivago traded up over 25% to 6.25, the most since the company went public in December of 2016. The CEO announced Wednesday that they have “adapted to the changing dynamics in our marketplace” which helped push them into the black and are now able to raise its outlook for the year. The stock has been holding solid gains this week while the rest of the market headed lower. I’ll be keeping a close eye on how TRVG trades in the coming days, looking for it to pop above 6.50 then trade up to the 7s or 8s.

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