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Stock Ticker - Yulong Eco-Materials Limited (YECO)

Yulong Eco-Materials Limited (YECO) Yulong Eco-Materials Limited (YECO) manufactures and sells eco-friendly building products in the People's Republic of China. The company offers fly-ash and recycled bricks, ready-mixed concrete products, and recycled aggregates. It also provides construction waste hauling services. YECO was a huge winner a few days ago when it announced the acquisition of Millennium Sapphire for $50M. The stock catapulted from 1 to 12 in a single day! It has settled currently in the mid 6s but still acting very well considering this ugly market. I’ll be watching how this low float China play will act if we get a rebound in the overall market. YECO could make an attempt at the 17.87 high set 10/18 if we see a rally in the major indices. 

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