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Stocks to Watch for 10.16.2019 from Transparent Traders $CI $AAPL $ROKU

$CI – Cigna Holding Company preformed well on October 15th during it’s trading session. $CI currently has a support at $159.80 with a resistance at $161.34, which was tested during it’s high of day. If $CI breaks and holds above the $161.34 value, I would expect to see it go up to $163 with ease before meeting resistance.

$ROKU – Roku Inc it’s starting to pull itself out of it’s downtrend. I’m bullish on $ROKU, but I expect it to pullback on October 16th a little and then cool of before it starts to push up again. $ROKU has a support at $131.20 with its next resistance at $139.60.

$AAPL – Apple Inc has been on a powerful bullish run lately and created a new 52 week high. $AAPL is having short lived bullish MACD candlesticks and is starting to move sideways on the daily chart. I expect $AAPL to cool off and pullback to $230.

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