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How Will These Marijuana Stocks Look In 2020? $CRON $BLEVF

It is no secret that pot stocks are expected to be one of the hottest growth trends in the next decade. The legalization of adult cannabis in Canada and several states in America are the key events promoting cannabis’ sales. It increases tripled in the past four years by 2018. And, according to legal cannabis market conditions, global sales may quadruple by 2024.

Unfortunately, these long-term growth forecasts are not enough to boost recent pot stock valuations. In the past six months, the market value of many famous pot stocks has disappeared by half or more. So investors should pay attention to the announcement that is released on marijuana stocks to make changes to there portfolios to prevent loss.

Forward-Looking Statement From A Pot Stock Company

Marijuana stock Cronos Group Inc. (CRON Stock Report) announced an additional $20 million initial public offering of Cronos Australia Limited (“Cronos Australia”). Under the offering, the pot stock is expected to issue 40 million new shares at an issue price of A$0.50 per share before it is scheduled to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in November 2019.

Founded in February 2018, Cronos Australia is a 50/50 joint venture between the Cronos Group and New Southern Capital Pty Ltd., led by Rodney Cocks and Peter Righetti. The announcement marks an important milestone in the industry as well as the pot stock market by promoting cannabis research and the production and distribution of products and brands worldwide.

Some forward-looking statements included the expected benefits and terms of the Cronos Australia IPO, the issuance of new shares of this marijuana stock, the completion and timing of the Cronos Australia IPO and plans to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. After completing the initial public offering of the pot stock, the ownership of Cronos Group in Cronos Australia after the initial public offering of Cronos Australia and the company exposed the intention to establish an international signature brand portfolio and develop destructive intellectual property. Forward-looking statements must be based on a number of reasonable estimates and assumptions, and companies’ managers are inherently subject to significant business, economic and competitive risks, and uncertainties (including the liquidity of Cronos Australia’s stock).

New Announcements for this Marijuana Stock

Beleave Inc. (BLEVF Stock Report) Board of Directors announced that Jeannette VanderMarel was appointed CEO. Bill Panagiotakopoulos, who took over as CEO earlier this year, will re-elect as Bleave’s chief operating officer. These changes are in effect today.

A pioneer in the Canadian cannabis industry, Ms. VanDerMarel was co-CEO of 48 North Cannabis, co-founder and president of Good&Green and co-founder of The Green Organic Dutchman. Jeannette experienced first-hand, passionate about the cannabis industry and committed to the cannabis industry, recognizing that cannabis is an opportunity to improve the lives of patients, eliminate the growing dependence on opiates and improve health by providing new and healthy health. She is a CNCCP(C) certified nurse of the Canadian Nurses Association, a registered nurse, and a popular keynote speaker. She often shares ideas and knowledge about cannabis-related news and pot stock environment, and appear on television and print media. Jeannette will lead the company effectively and move towards Beleave’s next phase of growth in the pot stock market.

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