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Are These Penny Stocks To Buy Or Sell Right Now? $CTST $ASNA $AUPH

Is Now The Best Time For These Penny Stocks? [Weigh In]

Penny stock investing has often been regarded as one of the best ways of making hefty short term gains. Investors who are known for looking for value in the market almost always look for the next big breakout stocks.
Since these stocks generally trade below $5 a share, it is possible for an investor to buy penny stocks in bulk and then make profits from even a small move in price.
However, penny stocks are extremely volatile in nature and an investor needs to observe the market closely in order to make the right picks. Here is a quick look at three penny stocks that ought to be on the watch lists of investors.

Penny Stocks To Buy or Sell #1 CannTrust Holdings (CTST)

The firston this list of penny stocks to watch is that of troubled Canadian cannabis company CannTrust Holdings (CTST Stock Report). The company had lost its cultivation license after Health Canada had found that it had cultivated cannabis in unlicensed rooms in one of its facilities.

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However, the company is now trying to get its license back as quickly as possible. On Monday, CannTrust had announced that it was willing to destroy as much as $77 million worth of inventory in order to convince the regulators that the company’s license could now be restored.
$65 million worth of inventories is those returned by retailers, customers and distributors, while $12 million consists of ‘biological assets’. After the company made the announcement on Monday, the stock surged and in two days, it has climbed as much as 50%.
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Penny Stocks To Buy or Sell #2 Ascena Retail Group (ASNA)

One of the penny stocks that has made a remarkable return in October is that of Ascena Retail Group Inc (ASNA Stock Report). We highlighted this company again on Tuesday for showing further market strength during the first half of the week.
The stock has gained as much as 100% in October but it’s important to note that it has not had a great time in 2019 overall. Year to date, Ascena stock is still down by as much as 80%.

Retail Penny Stocks
The company had been on the precipice of bankruptcy but earlier this month, the company’s interim executive chair announced that bankruptcy is not an option for Ascena. Once the news broke, the stock started climbing.
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Penny Stocks To Buy or Sell #3 Aurinia Pharmaceuticals (AUPH)

Last but not the least; Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc (AUPH Stock Report) is another penny stock that has made a comeback in October. The company is currently engaged in developing a product for the condition named lupus nephritis (LN).

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In September, Aurinia had declined by as much as 40% but in October the stock has managed to climb 20% so far. There has been no news with relation to the company’s business this month and hence it will be worthwhile keeping an eye on Aurinia over the coming days.
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Does Timing Matter With Penny Stocks?

Sometimes you’ll hear people talk about “timing the market”. This is when a trader speculates on the “perfect” entry (or exit) of a given stock. The trouble with market timing and penny stocks is that things fluctuate so often. Even when cheap stocks are in what appears to be a “set trend,” any divergence in the general industry can throw a wrench in the plan.
You’ve probably read this quite frequently on TransparentTraders.me: always have a plan. Usually, a plan involves your desired percentage gain and what you’re willing to lose. It also takes into account multiple data points about a given company. As far as I’m concerned, the timing might not hold a place in a true plan. That is unless there are certain strategies you have in mind that you can base your decision on.

What could these entail? Things like upcoming earnings, dates for trial results, and even federal reserve speeches can all be reasons to “time” a trade. And though you wouldn’t be in the wrong for doing so, when it comes to penny stocks, there’s much more to consider than timing.
However, given this, timing can play a role obviously. What I’m saying is to rely on more than just one factor when it comes time to do your research. You might want to start with the basics. Look at things like current news, recent financials, and other things are good topics to consider, first.

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