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Pot Stocks Have Potential For a New Rally 

The pot stock market has been growing substantially throughout the past few years. Projections for the industry are showing triple-digit billions of growth within the next ten years. Although this is just a projection, the fact remains that pot stocks are bringing in a lot of attention and potential investments.

Because the future is such an unknown when it comes to pot stocks to watch, the most important factor before investing is to do all the proper research. With numbers and financial data for every company, one is looking at, there won’t be any surprises to watch out for after an investment has been made. Additionally, the marijuana stock market is still extremely new, which means that some investment strategies may not apply. All in all, marijuana stocks continue to show a lot of potentials, but some companies are showing more than others.

An Investment Pot Stock With Big News

sol global marijuana stocks to watch SOLSOL Global Investments Corp. (SOL Stock Report) (SOLCF Stock Report) is considered to be one of the leading investment companies working out of the marijuana stock market. The company has stated that they have a heavy focus on hemp and CBD both in the U.S. and on the international scale. SOL Global has been working on a series of new products. These new products are being developed and researched at the prestigious University of Miami. With so much going on in the innovation department, SOL Global Investments continues to take the stage for one of the top marijuana stocks to watch.

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The company recently announced that they have completed a $50 million debenture financing run. With this new bout of capital, they should be able to fully build out their robust hemp and CBD plans for the near future. Additionally, they should be able to acquire more assets throughout California, Florida, and Michigan.

These markets represent some of the largest in the industry and could be the key to future success. With this new influx of capital, they should also be able to hire more talented team members to help push the business forward. With more moves into the CBD/hemp/THC side of the cannabis stock market, SOL Global Investments remains a key pot stock to watch for the near future.

A Small Cap Nevada Based Pot Stock

Planet 13 Holdings (PLNHF Stock Report) is one a leading vertically integrated dispensary operator working out of the Nevada market. The company has been working on creating their stores to be uniform, top of the line dispensaries. Currently, they have a SuperStore which they state to be the largest retail cannabis store in the world at over 110,000 square feet.

The superstore has seen a large number of new visitors, with the average amount spent by customers rising by around $12 since last year. The company has attempted to automate their stores as well which has brought a lot of attention to the company. All in all, their commitment to growth makes them a key marijuana stock to watch for the coming months to years in the industry.

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