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4 Penny Stocks To Watch Under $4 $NTEC $MARA $DPW $AXU

When it comes to finding penny stocks to buy, it’s good to have a strategy. Some look at technical indicators like MACD or RSI. Others will look at fundamental events like corporate filings or penny stock news. One thing is certain, however, if you’re looking to buy penny stocks, you’ll want to find companies trading at low prices.

By definition, penny stocks are those that have a share price below $5. Obviously, the lower the price, the more volatile the stock. In turn, the lower the price, the less a stock needs to move in order to realize significant gains and make money with penny stocks.

With so many stocks trading daily, it can be hard to find penny stocks that are making nice moves. This is no different when trying to trade penny stocks. However, these microcap stocks typically have high levels of volatility as I said. So, they can move more profoundly. Here are some penny stocks to watch heading into the second half of this week:

Penny Stocks To Watch #1: DPW Holdings Inc. (DPW)

DPW Holdings Inc. (DPW Stock Report) is a holdings company that acquires undervalued assets and develops them to its full potential. It has acquired assets from several industries. On August 28th, before the market has opened, this tech penny stock is soaring.

best penny stocks to watch DPW Holdings (DPW)
This move came after the company recently announced that they were able to eliminate over $2 million worth of debt. The stock is up over 55% during premarket hours. “The elimination of this debt is a milestone for the Company as we continue to improve our capital structure to one with a long-term timeline that supports our corporate initiatives and goals,” explained Milton Ault, III, DPW’s CEO and Chairman.

Penny Stocks To Watch #2: Alexco Resource Corp. (AXU)

Alexco Resource Corp. (AXU Stock Report) is a silver mining company looking to provide other metals investing opportunity besides gold. The company owns a lot of the Keno Hill Silver District. This is significant because that area has produced more than 214 million ounces of silver.

best penny stocks to watch Alexco Resource Corp (AXU)
This mining penny stock has been rallying since August 20th and is up over a total of 20%. In addition, the stock is up another 5% during premarket hours on the 28th.

Penny Stocks To Watch #3: Intec Pharma Ltd. (NTEC)

Intec Pharma Ltd. (NTEC Stock Report) is a biotechnology company that creates drugs using its Accordion Pill technology. This technology is designed to improve the safety of drugs when taken orally. The company currently has 5 treatments in its pipeline with AP-CD/LD in Phase 3 trials.

best penny stocks to buy Intec Pharma (NTEC)
Over the last 2 trading sessions, Intec’s stock price has seen significant gains. On August 27th the stock price rose 14.8% and in premarket trading, on the 28th it has risen another 15%. These percentage gains allowed the biotech penny stock to go from $0.45 to $0.61.

Penny Stocks To Watch #4: Marathon Patent Group Inc. (MARA)

Marathon Patent Group Inc. (MARA Stock Report) is a patent acquisition company to develop its patent asset portfolio. MARA stock was up over 10% before the bell thanks to some huge penny stock news. The company announced an agreement to obtain S-9 Bitmain Bitcoin miners.
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Merrick Okamoto, Marathon Chairman and CEO, said, “This transaction is a significant development for the Company. We were very cautious about expanding our Bitcoin mining operations during the Crypto-Winter but feel now is the time to expand our operations. The mining landscape is littered with companies that used debt to build their operations and have had difficulty surviving.

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