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3 Money Making Penny Stocks You Can’t Buy On Robinhood

After the bitcoin boom and bust, many still search for that volatile place to make money and penny stocks have come up shining.  It’s true that you can lose a lot of money with penny stocks. But you can also make a lot of money with penny stocks.  Since the advent of online trading, many investors paid handsomely in the form a trade fees just to buy penny stocks. But one platform has changed that. Enter the Robinhood trading app.

The platform has become one of the top online penny stock brokers in the world with user growth continuing to increase. Furthermore, the no trade fee model allows new traders to use smaller sums of money without fear of wasting most of their profit on trade fees. Unfortunately not all penny stocks are on Robinhood

All of the OTC penny stocks are avoided due to higher risks involved with reporting standards. Nonetheless, even without Robinhood access, those using other brokers have made money with these 3 penny stocks over the last few days:

Skye Petroleum, Inc. (SKPO): A Penny Stock Robinhood Users Can’t Buy – Up Over 1,100% In 4 Days

Unlike most of the energy sector, Skye Petroleum (SKPO Stock Report) has been on a serious uptrend for the last 4 days. In fact, since July 24, shares of SKPO stock are up by more than 1,100%. The crazy part is that there is no penny stock news and no penny stock filings from the company. Despite up to date filings, the business doesn’t show much.

penny stocks on robinhood SKPO stock chart
The most recent filing shows just over $61k in revenue with over $70k in operating expenses. Now, don’t get me wrong, the fact that revenue grew from about $55k to $61k is good. But the fact remains, the company is still burning more than it’s bringing in.  Why could sales be slow? Let’s take a look at the oil industry as it stands today.

SKPO energy penny stock

Just a quick look at the prolific Permian region shows production is slipping. This is one of the regions that the company has done business in. Something to keep in mind as the stock price continues to climb this week. Global demand has also slowed and expectations are in line with this to continue into 2020.
“Partly as a result of global trade tensions, Opec now expects to see oil demand growth from US, China [and India] declining on a yearly basis in 2020.”
Report from Jadwa Investment in Riyadh.

XR Energy Inc (XREG): A Penny Stock Robinhood Users Can’t Buy – Up 90% In 3 Days

Another penny stock that Robinhood can’t access has just made new 2 week highs. XR energy (XREG Stock Report) has been very light on its newswires and the last disclosure statement was posted in June via a quarterly report. Similar to Skye Petroleum, XREG is another energy penny stock to watch.

penny stocks on robinhood XREG stock chart
The company owns and operates oil and gas leases in the state of Texas. But also like SKPO, the financials don’t show much. As of March 31, 2019 (the last filling), XR did just under $30k in revenue with nearly $50k in costs and expenses. At the end of the day, the share price and share structure may lend more to the reason why this penny stock has seen such a run. But be aware that without recent news or second quarter figures still not reported, XREG stock could simply be moving on market momentum.

Lans Holdings, Inc. (LAHO): A Penny Stock Robinhood Users Can’t Buy – Up 250% In A Week

This third penny stock to watch has more than just a lack of news going against (or for) it. Lans Holdings, Inc. (LAHO Stock Report) hasn’t reported financials since 2017. But recently a series of material events (8-Ks) have come forth this year.

The most recent 8K from May of this year shows a possible deal between Lans Holdings and Global Stem Cells Group. After reading through the filing, it looks like a standard “takeover” deal. But because it’s a letter of intent, nothings closed until it’s, well, closed. Many times when a company goes dark on the newswires, it can be a waiting game. However, when news finally does come out, it can be a big catalyst. That’s what LAHO stock could be seeing on Monday.

penny stocks on robinhood LAHO stock chart
Lans Holdings announced that it completed due diligences to acquire Global Stem Cells. Based on the company’s comments, it would appear that Lans may take steps to officially complete the purchase. “We are very pleased to have successfully completed our due diligence…And we are looking forward to the closing of the acquisition,”said Dave Christensen, CEO of Lans Holdings.

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