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Morning Brew is a daily business briefing built for millennials: #news #technews #stocknews #stockmarket

Morning Brew is a daily business briefing built for millennials:

“Traditional business news sucks,” says Alex Lieberman, the 25-year-old CEO and co-founder of Morning Brew.
Apparently, many readers agree with him—or at least prefer to get their daily business news from the concise, witty Morning Brew newsletter, which officially hit 1 million email subscribers today.
When Lieberman started a newsletter during his senior year of college, he was mostly looking for a way to keep busy. He had already accepted a job offer from Morgan Stanley and was taking only two classes at the University of Michigan, so he used his free time to help other students land jobs. “I asked students how they kept up with business news, and they all had the same canned answer,” Lieberman, now 25, recalls. “They read the Wall Street Journal and such but had no time to read it cover to cover.”
In late 2014, he started sending business news digests, originally titled The Market Corner and formatted as a PDF, to his friends. One of the earliest subscribers was fellow business student Austin Rief, who reached out to Lieberman offering to help. Lieberman brought on Rief, now 24, as cofounder and COO, launching Morning Brew in 2015 before he graduated.
It would be another two years before both Lieberman and Rief could work on Morning Brew full time—Lieberman left Morgan Stanley in 2016, and Rief graduated in 2017—but progress from there was swift. They raised a $750,000 seed round from friends and family in late 2017 and hit 125,000 followers in January 2018. By the time Lieberman and Rief made Forbes' 30 Under 30 Media List in November, Morning Brew had 700,000 subscribers. Now the newsletter averages 120,000 new subscribers a month and boasts an above-average 45% unique open rate.
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