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Who we are | Merit Forex

Beyond Being a Financial Institution

Merit Forex is dedicated to serve the investors worldwide to trade online Forex, CFD and many other financial instruments in a brand-new way. Our task is to inspire investors and open doors for them in trading in the largest and most liquid global market. We provide the most innovative trade instruments, engage the best educators and ensure the heavy financial standards by ourselves to protect our investors’ interest. We take effort to deliver the best online trading experience in the market to enhance our clients’ trading confidence and protect their profits.

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High Technology

The innovation technology and diversification which we provide help our customers in the easiest and most genuine way achieve their goals and desired results. The company provides an extremely professional platform with a fast execution which is suitable for traders of all levels. Nowadays everyone is short of time, our mobile application saves time and is always at hand in a fast and casual way. Our customer support is available to solve issues and answer questions 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Bridge to All Major Economies

Foreign exchange is naturally a global structure. Merit Forex services make possible the global trade by bringing together the world major economic and financial canters on one trading platform.

Trading with an Innovative and Reliable Forex Platform

Merit Forex offers an innovative way of trading by providing the highest level of technology in terms of platform, execution and support. Satisfying the client needs is a must and our top priority. We ensure that our customers requirements are met in the fastest and most effective way. Our technical team is available 24/7 for trading platform and system maintenance and for resolving any technical issues in the fastest possible way.

Why Merit Forex | Merit Forex

Best Trading Environment

We at Merit Forex understand the importance of providing our clients with the best possible tools and services in order for them to be successful on the market. This is why we have developed a unique combination of technical and fundamental analytical support, individual account pricings, instant executions and the best available specialized software assistance.

Unique Customer Service

Maintaining long-term business relationships with our clients and ensuring their satisfaction is our main goal. From support to IT, our departments are being managed by people with a significant trading and investing background to ensure corporate colaboration focused primarly on a professional and positive client experience. When needed, our team of professional traders is going to be at your disposal to quickly assist with any trade related inquiries.

Applications Created With Experience

We have created several applications to improve accessibility, information availability and client-to-broker communication: from account manager & trading apps to signal service provider apps that will keep you informed about major events happening at any moment wherever you may be.

Superior Trading Technology and Analysis Platforms

Merit Forex provides its clients with the world’s leading trading platforms MT4 & MT5 (Mobile & Web Versions) which are currently the most widely used worldwide due to a combination of simplicity and variety making it suitable for someone who just picked up trading all the way up to seasoned professional veterans. We also provide our clients with the opportunity to use additional automated trading softwares and anything else that might improve performance without restrictions.
Competitive Spreads & Leverage up to 1:400
The spreads at Merit Forex are generally determined based on the amount a client is trading with. Upon activating a trading account with us we strongly recommend that you contact us personally and inform us about your instrument preference and trading style. We will take it upon ourselves to offer you a custom spread plan that will increase your results by cutting your costs.
Free Education with a Professional Trader
Merit Forex provides a unique interactive trading experience for it’s clients due to the availability of our financial market research team - every client of MeritForex has the opportunity to receive a free education from a Professional Trader in one-on-one live trading sessions. We also provide technical and fundamental market analyses practice all the way to strategy selection and long-term goal planning. Our research team will always be protecting your investment by providing statistical analyses to your performance, trades, strategies and will be coming up with suggestions on how you can improve your results.
Wide Range of Financial Instruments
Merit Forex gives all of its clients access to over 170 financial instruments to trade with, including: more than 50 major currency pairs; commodities ranging from gold, silver, crude oil, natural gas all the way to corn and coffee; all of the major indices; futures and any Crypto-currency pair desired by the client to trade with.

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