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What's Brewing in the Market

  • U.S. auto sales slumped in Q1. Not even that new car smell is worth it in an environment of higher prices and interest rates.
  • The FDA has set the date for its first public hearing on legalizing CBD in food and drinks for May 31.
  • Qualcomm (-0.76% after hours) CFO George Davis is leaving the company to take up the same post at rival Intel (+0.42% after hours).
  • Walgreens stock slumped 12.8% after the drugstore chain lowered its earnings expectations. Q1 was the “most difficult” it’s ever had.
  • BlackRock (-0.44%), the world’s largest money manager, is launching a major reshuffling to move “to the next level” in alternative investments.
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  1. That's so exciting that the FDA is looking in to CBD. I know it helps me a lot with my anxiety and yet, people are still saying it's completely fake. Science has proven it works for different mental and anxiety problems so why do people still have problems with it?

  2. CBDs are the wave of the future. Get in now while you can!

  3. OMG! U.S. auto sales slumped in Q1? I was actually arguing this with some people and they were really on about the issue of higher prices and interest rates. I guess they saw this coming but I didn't.

  4. So finally, the FDA has set the date for the hearing about legalizing CBD in food and drinks! It was beginning to feel like it's taking forever. But May should be here before we know it. It's a good development.

  5. Very brewing topics indeed. These are hot topics on the market and I'm going to go ahead now and do more digging as they will come in handy in my next class.

  6. Interesting. US auto sales going just as I had imagined. I hope things get to change with time as this may not favor a lot of people in the market. Hopefully, the news will change in a short time.