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My Small OS Penny Stock Watch-List for 4.3.2019 ---> 👀🔥🔥👀

When to use a Watch-list: An investor, for example, may be interested in purchasing stocks in a particular sector. But if that sector is generally overvalued, it may offer few stocks that are attractively priced. An investor could create a list of all the stocks in that sector that would track various valuation measures, including ratios such as trailing price-to-earnings, price-to-sales, price-to-book, among others. When a company on the list met a specified valuation criterion, such as a PE ratio less than 15, he or she would then know that this stock was a possible candidate for investment. Many investment-oriented websites allow visitors to create watch-lists online.


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Here are three best reasons why you need to start 

creating your stock watch-list today-

1. A stock watch-list will help you to avoid impulse buying:

Many times, you might see the market down or few stocks trading at a very cheap price. Here, most people will purchase stocks on impulse because they do not want to miss the opportunity. And because of this impulse buying, they end up with fundamentally weak stocks (most of the times) as they never got the time to study the stock properly. Having a stock watch-list can help you avoid impulse buying.

2. It will help you seize the opportunity when it presents:

If you already have a list of few amazing stocks that you are planning to buy and you found the stock prices within your purchase range in future, then you can seize the opportunity.
As you have researched that stock previously, all you needed was an opportunity. Remember, success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.

3. It can help you plan your future purchases:

There may come few situations when you won’t have enough cash/savings to purchase the stocks at that moment. In such case, you can keep those stocks in your watch-list so that you can buy them in future if a similar opportunity arrives.
Having a stock watch-list helps a lot in the scenarios like market fall or correction. In these scenarios, most people get confused what to purchase and what not to?
  • - A quarter of the investing population is confused on what to buy because they find most of the stocks at a discount price and ends up buying a number of not-so-good stocks.
  • - Remaining are scared and starts researching the stocks from scratch. Generally, it takes a lot of time and hence, they miss this buying opportunity.
However, if you already have a watch-list of amazing stocks, then you can seize the best deals.


  1. My son has been seriously watching all of your updates for penny stocks. I think he is starting to get the hang of it himself but he's not very confident in himself yet. He like to spend most of his allowance on testing out his theories and then also trying your watches.

  2. Seems like the correct utlization of a watch list can help keep perspective!