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Nightly Watch-list Feb 7 2019 ---> $EA $PYPL $ROKU $ATVI $MU $TTWO

Good evening everyone, here is my watch-list for Feb 7 2019.
The tickers are $EA / $PYPL / $ROKU / $ATVI / $MU / $TTWO

Johnny Matrix YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcazvlJ9iUP_iBJmoDY5K1A

Transparent Traders is a group that networks stock traders of all experience levels. We offer an 8 hour free stock trading course for those who are wanting to learn, or for those who want to take their trades to the next level. We are successful stock traders who believe in giving back to the trading community. Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/20987... Discord Server for Transparent Traders: https://discord.gg/KPmvwuy James Mason's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC39b... Transparent Traders Website: https://www.transparenttraders.me WeBull Free Commision, Sign Up Here: https://act.webull.com/invitation/us/...

MentorShip Program: https://www.transparenttraders.me/p/own-chaos-mentorship-program.html


  1. the website looks very trustful, I guess you guys can guide me a bit more in the trading world if I join your group. I'll check your YouTube videos first.

  2. I know this is stock trading but the presentation is greatly lacking. Those who know stocks may know it but those who do not might get confused.

  3. Thanks for updating traders about stocks. I hope to join this trade very soon since I'm still learning the ropes for now.

  4. Your promises are way too high. Still needs to check further into it. It's nice to know you're offering free course in trading.

  5. Free courses sounds a bit absurd, but there are people who have done the same. Will be watching hopefully.

    1. If you are truly good at trading why do you need to charge to show other? Free is the only way to be. Changing the Trading community one day at a time is how we roll. Have an awesome day.

  6. Thanks for the update.. We sure appreciate your kind gestures

  7. You have good knowledge about stocks. It makes me wonder whether I will ever reach such heights.