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📈📈 Transparent Traders Complete 8hr Free Stock Course

I explain what to expect from my free stock trading course. In this stock trading course I teach every detail about how I momentum trade. I will show you how to setup your charts with indicators and everything else you will need to know about trading stocks. I will show you my best stock scanner and how to scan for stocks to find the top picks for both large cap and penny stocks. Let me help you learn how to make money in the stock market and become the best stock trader you can be by teaching you the best way to trade stocks. This course will teach you everything from first time investing in the stock market, how to begin investing in the stock market, how to buy stocks and shares online for beginners, how to day trade on robinhood. I will show you how to start investing in the stock market with little money and give my best for investing for beginners tips to everyone that takes the time to learn.

    What to expect from these two playlist | Intro to course 

How to change the delay on your charts to have realtime data 

How to setup Bollinger Bands to trade for this playlist 

How to change your style, apperance and candlesticks for your charts 

How to add Indicators to your charts 

How to create a watchlist 

How to make a scanner and the options you already have 

Stock Scanner That Finds All Of My Trades 

Trading With Bollinger Bands 

What is MACD, and how to use it 

What is RSI and how to use it 

How to use a Market and Limit order 

Stop loss and trailing stop loss 

Level 2 | What is level 2 and how to use it. 

Using Level 2 to help with your trades 

How to use Active trader in your trades 

How to read the tape against Level 2 

How to use OTC Markets as a resource 

What Is A Form 4 

What Is A 8K Form 

What Is A 10Q Form 

What Is A 10K Form 

What Are Authorized shares, Outstanding Shares, and The Float 

What Is Dilution 

What is a reverse split 

What is a forward stock split 

The basics of a candlestick 

Bullish and Bearish Patterns | Why its important 

Bullish and Bearish Engulfing Candlesticks | Why its important 

Doji Candlesticks | Why its important 

Evening Star Candlestick | Why its important 

How To Find Your Supports & Resistances 

Planning your trade and risk management 

The Easiest Trading Pattern For Beginners To Swing Trade | Charting 

The Ascending Triangle | What it means 

The keys to the kingdom | Everything I do in my trades 

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