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Will These Pot Stock Exceed Expectations? $ACB $ICNAF

With some pot stocks proving to be better to watch than others, it can be difficult at times to find the right ones. Additionally, throughout the pot stock market, there are several different facets of the industry that all are worth checking out. These range from the companies that produce the raw substance, to those that offer money transport services. In between those are several other sub-markets that all produce differing pot stocks to watch. Because of the variability in pot stocks, it can prove an uneasy task to locate the most value in different companies.

\This however, is made much easier by the amount of research that one can commit to. With the utmost information at hand, investing in pot stocks can be made much easier. Research seems to be the key factor that separates the pro-pot stock investors from those still operating at the amateur level. Regardless, it seems as though the coming months in the pot stock market leave a lot to the unknown. Only time will tell how these companies can compete against the growth of the marijuana stock market overall.

A Big CBD Move for This Pot Stock

Integrated Cannabis Company Inc. (ICNAF Stock Report) (ICAN Stock Report) is considered to be one of the leaders when it comes to branded product production in California and Nevada. These two markets represent two of the largest statewide industries for cannabis in the nation. Because of that, many believe that Integrated Cannabis has a unique opportunity in the marijuana stock market. The company has stated that their goal is to create extremely approachable pot products for all who wish to consume them.

Recently, the company announced that their wholly-owned subsidiary, Ganja Gold, has gone into the production of their first-ever CBD-infused pre-roll. This is a game-changer for the company as the uptick in CBD demand has gone through the roof. Seth Wiles, CEO of the company stated that “The Ganja Gold legacy brand is synonymous with a top shelf, connoisseur level experience amongst consumers. We are excited to be introducing our new line of CBD infused pre-rolls that are made to the same exacting standards that consumers are accustomed to from Ganja Gold.” The company remains one of the most exciting pot stocks to watch moving forward.

A Big Pot Stock Worth Watching

Aurora Cannabis (ACB Stock Report) is one of the largest pot stocks in the world. The company is also working in the CBD market as they see a large opportunity for alternative products to take over. The company has been using these products as their baseline recently, as the margins tend to be much higher than other forms of the substance.

Additionally, the Canadian market has seen a large number of supply issues which has now resulted in an almost oversupply of cannabis. If they are able to forgo this and produce only the amount that is being demanded, they could see some more potential value in the future. Of course, this is wishful thinking, but the company does remain an interesting pot stock to watch.

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