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Stocks to Watch for 11.5.2019 $UBER $UAA $BA $MCD $AAPL

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$UBER - Uber’s third quarter beat expectations on the top and bottom lines, but losses topped $1 billion during the three months. 

$UAA - Under Armour shares fell 18.9% a day after it confirmed a federal investigation into its accounting practices. Q3 earnings beat estimates, though. 

$AAPL - Apple is committing $2.5 billion to help CA’s housing crisis. Facebook and Google have each pledged $1 billion to the cause this year. 

$MCD - McDonald’s chief people officer left the company just a day after CEO Steve Easterbrook was fired for inappropriate behavior. 

$AAL.LN - De Beers, the world’s biggest diamond producer, has reportedly cut diamond prices by about 5%.

$BA - Boeing’s 737 Max will likely return to service in Europe during Q1 2020, an EU regulator said yesterday.

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