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How Have Pot Stocks Changed In 2019? $SOLCF $MEDIF

The ever-shifting pot stock market has created one of the most intriguing investor spaces that we have seen. With so much going on in only a short period of time, it seems as though the past few years have been extremely instrumental in surmounting growth for the marketplace. With so many different pot stocks to watch, it can at times be difficult for investors to find which companies are worth keeping a closer eye on. Additionally, given that there is so much value in the future of the pot stock market, the effort being put in by companies also creates another layer for investor research.

Keeping that in mind, research is one of the key factors that separates pro investors from those operating at the amateur level. The amount of information that one can accumulate directly correlates with the amount of pot stocks worth watching that one can discover. All in all, the most important step to consider is what one’s goals are. Whether it be short term swing trading, or holding for the long run, the potential with marijuana stocks continues to be illustrated in the future movement that the market displays.

A Global Investment Company

SOL Global Investments Corp. (SOL Stock Report) (SOLCF Stock Report) is considered to be one of the leaders when it comes to international investments in the pot stock market. The company has stated that they have a heavy interest in working in the cannabis sector throughout the U.S. and the shifting European pot stock market as well. Europe has shown itself to be quite a formidable force for growth when it comes to hemp and CBD enterprises. The company has stated that their continued research and development should allow them to be one of the leaders in this sector of the industry moving forward.

The company recently announced that they have completed a $50 million financing round of non-convertible debenture units. With the large proceeds from this offering, they should be able to continue building out their future strategies for growth in the hemp and CBD market. The funds should also help the company to move closer toward their long term growth strategy. This is yet another way that SOL Global Investments has been working to secure a bright future for themselves as a marijuana stock to watch.

A Mid-Range Pot Stock

MediPharm Labs (MEDIF Stock Report) is one of the leading pot stocks to watch due to their under-the-radar scope and their future prospects. The company shows that their market cap is around $330 million which is quite sizable for an OTC company.

MediPharm is mainly in the business of processing cannabis and hemp in Canada, but the company has been working to export their product outside of the domestic industry. As one of the leading Canadian cannabis stocks, the company has quite a broad reach as far as Canadian processors are concerned. As they continue on their path to moving toward the top of the pot stocks to watch list.

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