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Is Now the Time to Check Out Pot Stocks?

marijuana stocks investing

The past few months in the pot stock market have been less than stellar. If we look at the height of the industry only a year or so ago, it seems as though we are due for a bounce back. Much of the speculative issues with the marijuana stock market can be traced back to the infancy of the industry overall. This infancy is something that instigates big movements in price action and therefore, can be held responsible for the rapid fluctuations. With so many pot stocks to watch, it seems as though picking only a few can be a daunting task at times.

This, however, is made much easier by a commitment to researching a given company. With a large amount of information at hand, one can provide a solid basis for picking a marijuana stock with the most value. Of course, this is not a guarantee by any means, but it does help to avoid the aforementioned fluctuations. With so much potential for the future of the pot stock market, investing in the industry can be easier with some key steps at hand.

A Pot Stock Worth Considering

AGRA pot stockAgraFlora Organics (AGRA Stock Report) (AGFAF Stock Report) is considered to be one of the leading growth-oriented and diversified cannabis stocks working in the International cannabis market. The company currently owns and operates an indoor cultivation facility based out of London, ON. Additionally, they are also a joint venture partner with Propagation Service Canada for a large scale 2.2 million square foot greenhouse facility based out of Delta, BC.

The company has stated that they are working to produce more of the substance so that they can meet the high demand for their products domestically. With a highly successful record of increasing shareholder value, the company has continued on their pursuit of various opportunities in the pot stock market.

The company recently announced that with the new legalized standing of edibles and extracts in the Canadian pot stock market, the company will begin to create a more diversified portfolio of assets that deal in the newly legalized products. This includes innovative product manufacturing, new edibles and beverages, and a more diverse brand platform. Because of their commitment to future growth, the company remains one of the key pot stocks to watch moving forward.

A CBD Pot Stock

Charlottes Web Holdings (CWBHF Stock Report) is one of the leaders when it comes to all things CBD. The company has seen their stock shoot down by quite a large amount which means that now could be the time to view them as a value buy. Much of this downtrend is due to the uncertainties of the future regarding the U.S. legislation surrounding CBD products.

The substance itself has seen quite a heavy amount of growth in the past year or so, but many believe that this could be overshadowed by shifting legislation in the near future. Regardless, the company maintains its spot as one of the top CBD based pot stocks in the whole of the industry.

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