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A List Of Penny Stocks To Watch As They Approach September Highs $AVEO $BLCM $MNK

Penny Stocks Are Typically Thought Of As Short Term Investments But What Happens When The Run Continues Past 1 Day?

penny stocks watchlistPenny stocks can bring investors large gains in the blink of an eye. The real difficulty to actually trading them is knowing which penny stocks to buy. On top of that, even if you buy the right stock, do you know when to sell?

Since it is very cheap stock, traders might take more risks due to lower costs. But that’s the trick to making money with penny stocks, right? Just because each share doesn’t amount to much if you buy multiple shares, that can add up quickly.

Healthcare penny stocks are one of the more volatile types of penny stocks investors can get their hands on. This is due to the numerous companies releasing large amounts of pivotal news. Considering the fact that one breakthrough treatment could end up curing an untreatable disease, prospects are typically high; so is speculative trading in these names.

Penny Stocks & The Psychology Of FOMO

Bear in mind that just the thought of “what could happen” has an impact on the psychology of trading. This is where the whole idea of FOMO comes from. The “fear of missing out” plays a big role in volatile markets. We saw it with marijuana penny stocks, we saw it with cryptocurrency penny stocks and we’ll likely continue to see it with healthcare penny stocks.

The actual results of news breaking for one of these companies could make or break the specific stock. Back to the original point, it’s hard to “time” when or even if a company will report a material event. This is why penny stocks tend to be so volatile. Some traders will buy and sell quickly before any news is released. Others will buy and ride out the volatility.

Managing risk is key, however, and knowing when to sell is just as important as when to buy. Moreover, when penny stocks hold onto an uptrend for more than a few hours, that could translate to multiple days of gain potential. Just know that at any point, any given penny stock can just as quickly move in the opposite direction.

Healthcare Penny Stocks To Watch In September

If you understand the basics and some psychology behind momentum traded healthcare stocks, take a look at some penny stocks that have been making significant moves in September:

List Of Penny Stocks To Watch #3: Aveo Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AVEO)

Biopharmaceutical company, Aveo Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AVEO Stock Report) is pursuing treatment plans for different tumors. The company has 4 treatment plans in clinical trials and 2 additional ones undergoing pre-trials. Aveo’s lead product, Tivozanib, has completed the clinical trials and has been filed and marketed.

list of penny stocks to watch Aveo Pharmaceuticals (AVEO)
Aveo recently announced that the Tivozanib drug, in its second analysis, showed an improved survival hazard ratio. This penny stock news prompted the company’s stock to fly over 60% from Monday’s opening bell to Tuesday’s premarket high of $1.10.
“We are pleased to see that the positive PFS and ORR outcomes from TIVO-3 have translated into an improved OS hazard ratio.”
Michael Bailey, President and CEO of AVEO 
In spite of this move, the jump occured within just a 24 period. So, given this fact, can trading momentum continue for AVEO stock throughout the week?

List Of Penny Stocks To Watch #2: Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc. (BLCM)

Biotechnology company Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc. (BLCM Stock Report) creates immunotherapies for several cancers and inherited blood disorders. In order to produce treatments, Bellicum uses its CID technology platform to control cellular activities. The company is developing 4 treatment plans in its pipeline with Rivo-cel being its lead candidate.
list of penny stocks to watch Bellicum Pharmaceuticals (BLCM)
Since August 21st, Bellicum’s stock has made a very strong rally on the back of news releases. The price of the biotech penny stock is up nearly over 30% since the beginning of the month. This gain and volume increase came initially following the company’s $140 million public offering on the 21st. Bellicum is also participating in 3 healthcare investor conferences throughout September.

List Of Penny Stocks To Watch #1: Mallinckrodt Plc (MNK)

Drug manufacturer Mallinckrodt Plc (MNK Stock Report) develops drugs for autoimmune and rare diseases. The company has seen a massive influx of volume over 4 trading sessions. MNK stock price has also risen considerably during that time. The healthcare penny stock gapped up significantly on September 10th. Shares rose from $1.43 on September 5th to $3.79; a move of over 160%!
list of penny stocks to watch Mallinckrodt Plc (MNK)
This massive jump came thanks to Mallinckrodt selling BioVectra for $250 million to reduce the company’s debt. “While we recognize the longer-term growth potential for BioVectra, we believe that the structure of this deal enables us to participate in the future success of the business, and therefore we see this sale as the best option for both Mallinckrodt and BioVectra moving forward,” explained CEO Mark Trudeau.

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