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5 Top Penny Stocks To Watch Before October 1 $UXIN $PRPO $MDR $JE $MCF

Do You Know How To Find The Top Penny Stocks To Watch?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of penny stocks to buy. The market is full of these cheap stocks. But understanding what to look for can be the hard part. Sure, you can find some penny stocks to watch based on things like volume. Also, consider some other things like technical indicators and even chart patterns to shed light on certain potential. There are no guarantees when it comes to investing and less when it comes to micro-cap stocks as a whole.

The main thing is how to make money with penny stocks. Having said this, let’s go over some rules of thumb. It’s harder to make quick money with penny stocks that have lower volume. For example, even if a stock is thin (not a lot of shares in the public float), it may be easy to buy the stock.
The stock may even jump up quickly in price. But when it comes time to sell the penny stock, it may be difficult to sell your shares at an optimal price. Finding some of the top penny stocks involves looking for stocks that have meaningful volume.

Penny Stock News

You may also want to find penny stocks that have a history of good news. In fact, penny stock news can easily be one of the biggest catalysts for stocks, in general. Considering that most of these cheap stocks are thinly traded (but have high volume), positive news can trigger strong breakouts.

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Also, check out the charts. Not all traders are technical traders. This means that not everyone believes in technical indicators like a bullish “double bottom pattern.” But then again, some of these technical trends can give a high sign that it may be time to add certain companies to your list of penny stocks to watch.

Needless to say, we’ve got a lot of that basic information on the site already and offer you to read it for yourself. Right now I’d like to get down to business and check out some of the top penny stocks to watch before next month.

Top Penny Stocks #5: Uxin Limited (UXIN)

The first company on this list of top penny stocks to watch, Uxin Limited (UXIN Stock Report). The company is actually an online used car dealership in China and has garnered attention this week. This came after Uxin announced its second-quarter financials.

top penny stocks UXIN
Among the key highlights, Uxin increased 2C transaction volume by 500%, year over year. Additionally, year over year revenue jumped by nearly 60% to just under $64 million. With decreasing losses and increased gross profit, it’s no wonder why UXIN stock has seen such a reaction.

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Shares of UXIN stock have been pummeled for the last few days but this comes as welcome news. After hitting lows of $2.22 on Tuesday, UXIN stock jumped to highs of over $2.60 by Thursday. Given such progress, can UXIN continue the trend?

Top Penny Stocks #4: Precipio, Inc. (PRPO)

This was one of the toppenny stocks to watch in April and we saw an epic run. Precipio Inc. (PRPO Stock Report) is no stranger to big breakouts. When we first looked at this company in early April, it was trading at $4.10. During the weeks to follow, we saw this penny stock explode to highs of $10.80. On Thursday, PRPO stock appeared to have woken up once again. It moved from $2.15 to highs of $3.93 before pulling back to close at $3.27.

top penny stocks PRPO
What was the catalyst for this move? PRPO stock jumped over 80% thanks to a little penny stock news. The company revealed that multiple, large-scale labs had finished validation studies testing the company’s IV-Cell cytogenetics product as well as its HemeScreen. These tests proved successful and now it was reported that the labs are readying toward placing orders.
Ilan Danieli, Precipio’s Chief Executive Officer said, “I have no doubt that proprietary technologies such as IV-Cell will be a substantial driver of revenue, gross margin, and profitability in the coming quarters – yes it takes longer than anticipated, but I am confident that we are on the right path forward to creating substantial shareholder value.”

Top Penny Stocks #3: McDermott International Inc (MDR)

The stock experienced a significant nosedive on Wednesday after it emerged that the company is on the lookout for a bridge loan. McDermott International Inc (MDR Stock Report)  is currently trying to avoid going bankrupt. It goes without saying that such a development was going to have an adverse effect on the stock and it soon started sliding.

top penny stocks to watch MDR
In 2019 alone, MDR stock is down by as much as 70% and it is still unclear where the bottom lies. The company has a working capital deficit that amounts to $1.5 billion and is seeking a loan to tide over that crisis. However, on Thursday, shares climbed to highs of $2.25 and marked a rebound of more than 50% from its recent 52-week lows. If MDR can turn itself around, could the bear trend end?

Top Penny Stocks #2: Just Energy Group (JE)

Another penny stock plagued by bad news recently has been Just Energy Group (JE Stock Report). An article apparently came out in Globe and Mail stating that the company is looking to restructure. Further, Just Energy CEO Rebecca MacDonald stated, “The reporter did not reach out to me or, to my knowledge, any executive at Just Energy for comment and it is incorrect that I have been seeking a restructuring.”

top penny stocks JE
Needless to say, JE stock took a dive a few weeks ago. It hit 52-week lows of $1.08. But as we’ve all seen in the past, sometimes the most interesting penny stocks to watch are the ones at milestone lows like this. Since that time, JE stock has jumped by more than 70%.

Top Penny Stocks #1: Contango Oil & Gas Company (MCF)

The final company on this list of top penny stocks to watch, Contango Oil & Gas Company (MCF Stock Report). Over the better part of September, MCF stock has been in rally mode.  Thanks to a series of news releases on big developments, shares of MCF have run from 52-week lows of $0.85 on September 12 to highs of $2.54 this week.

top penny stocks MCF
Contango signed a definitive agreement to acquire Will Energy Corporation assets in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas. They further expect to continue down the path of more acquisitions after obtaining a new credit facility of up to $500 million.

Adding to that liquidity, Contango also raised $50 million more from a public offering and concurrent private placement of the Company’s contingent convertible preferred stock to affiliates of John C. Goff. Mr. Goff is a member of the board of directors. The initial $42.5 million was raised from selling 44.7 million shares, which puts the share price of that offering around $0.95.
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