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Penny Stocks To Buy Or Sell: Novavax Inc ( $NVAX )

Investing in penny stocks is not a spectator sport. Actively watching the market and certain sectors is important.

Certain small companies eventually go on to become large corporations. But that’s due to innovative business practices and sound management. When that happens the prices of penny stocks can move substantially. In turn, it helps the investors who had bought the stock during the early days.

penny stocks to buy sell Novavax NVAX stock
Hence, it is important to conduct thorough research about certain companies which could have the potential for hefty returns. Sometimes, it’s hard to determine how high penny stocks will actually go. A cheap stock to buy may jump in price but the smallest bump in the road like announcing a capital raise can devastate the retail market.

Needless to say, one stock (no longer a penny stock) that has caught the eye of many this month is Novavax, Inc. (NVAX Stock Report). That is primarily due to the gains it has recorded this month. But does it make NVAX stock one of the penny stocks to buy or sell this month? Here is a closer look at the vaccine company.

One Of The Penny Stocks To Buy Or Sell In 2019?

Novavax has been on an excellent run in August so far. Since the beginning of the month, the biotech penny stock has gained as much as 110% since August 13th. One of the biggest triggers behind the positivity surrounding the company came in June when Novavax took over two manufacturing facilities from Catalent Biologics.

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The two acquisitions have the potential of reducing the company’s expenses significantly. So, it’s no wonder that it is regarded as one of the reasons behind the current rally.

penny stocks to buy or sell NVAX
More importantly, the company announced that the FDA okayed the latter stage trial of its product NanoFlu. NanoFlu is a flu vaccine and product that could be something to pay attention to with this company. Novavax stated that it expects data from the trial to be available by Q1 2020.

On the other hand, it also published data for ResVax, an experimental respiratory syncytial virus vaccine earlier on in August. All these factors have contributed towards the rally that NVAX stock experienced this month. Given these factors, however, is NVAX a penny stock to buy or wait on in 2019?

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