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Is This Marijuana Stock On Your Watch list

The marijuana stock market might face a bit of trouble as most cannabis stocks continue to trade at a much lower price but. However, at the same time, many investors are still looking for the next marijuana stock to buy that might go big. In that regard, one of the small-cap marijuana stocks that should be a marijuana stock to watch for most investors is KushCo Holdings (NASDAQ:KSHB). The company is not directly involved in the growing or marketing of cannabis products. Yet instead, it sells accessories that could become a big part of the marijuana market.
At the point in time, the bulk of the revenues generated by this marijuana stock come from its vaporizer business. It goes without saying that this pot stock might not look particularly attractive at this point of time, but one needs to keep in mind that the marijuana sector is still relatively new and is currently going through a trend of highs and lows.

Is This Pot Stock a Buy Or Sell

KushCo is involved in manufacturing accessories for the marijuana industry. Which has been said by experts to one of the small-cap marijuana stocks to consider. There are high hopes that recreational marijuana could be legalized in the United States by next year. That presents an excellent opportunity for KushCo and according to Wall Street analysts; this marijuana stock can possibly see its sales grow three-fold in 2019 and eventually hit $100 million next year.

Key analysis

Other than selling vaporizers, the company is also involved in providing compliant packaging solutions to the marijuana industry. It is a business that is expected to grow substantially over the years. Another business that could generate substantial revenues for KushCo is its hydrocarbons supply business. It is used by companies involved in CBD oil production.

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