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Is This The Best List Of 5 Penny Stocks To Buy This Week? $CMCM $ENDP $CETX $ASCK $UEEC

When you look for the best penny stocks to buy, it’s good to make a list. Obviously, the “greats” all make lists before solidifying their decisions. Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, and even Santa Claus all make lists. But when it comes to making your list of penny stocks, you need to consider a few things. First, can I trade these penny stocks with my broker? Some brokers don’t allow trading of penny stocks. Robinhood, for example, is a free trading-app that only gives access to listed penny stocks. This refers to NASDAQ and NYSE listed companies.

But when it comes to penny stocks to buy on the OTC market, you’re out of luck there. Other brokers like ETrade and TD Ameritrade allow investors to buy most penny stocks. Next, you’ll want to determine why you are thinking of buying particular penny stocks. Is it because of an upcoming phase trial in the instance of a biotech penny stock? Or is it based on sheer technical indicators on a certain chart? Another good rule of thumb is to find penny stocks that have considerable levels of trading volume.

It’s true that these cheap stocks can make healthy moves. But unless you can sell your shares at a reasonable price, there’s no real point to lock up your capital. As August winds down, I’m still seeing consistent opportunities to buy penny stocks on both daily and weekly time frames. This being said, heading into the rest of the month, could these 5 companies be the best penny stocks to buy or avoid before the end of the week?

A Penny Stock On A Massive Multi-Day Run: United Health Products, Inc. (UEEC)

This was one of the penny stocks Robinhood traders wouldn’t be able to access. But rest assured, the majority of these stocks are accessible on the app as well as WeBull. United Health Products (UEEC Stock Report) was first brought to attention earlier this month. It came as the company was in the midst of a significant uptrend.

penny stocks to buy august United Health Products Inc. (UEEC)
Since announcing the end of its human trial surgery enrollment earlier in August, UEEC stock has been flying. The company continues to release positive penny stock news as well. This week, the company spiked to a new 52-week high after it announced receipt of pathology results from a preclinical animal study.

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The study was to observe the effect of its HemoStyp on bone. Since the company’s main focus is on a gauze that stops bleeding, this could be an important step.  At the end of the day, the study showed no adverse effects on pH levels on the bone or tissue. Now they are looking ahead at orthopedic procedures.
“HemoStyp is easy to apply, dissolves completely within 24 hours; and, will be an effective adjunct to stop cancellous bone bleeding while not interfering with the healing process. This data supports our development plan as we move forward with additional human trials to seek other surgical indications.”
Dr. Gerard Abate, Chief Medical Officer

A Penny Stock With Record Volume & Triple-Digit Gains: Auscrete Corp (ASCK)

best penny stocks to buy Auscrete Corp (ASCK)
Another penny stock Robinhood traders can’t get a hold of, Auscrete Corp (ASCK Stock Report). The company appears to focus on lightweight concrete for building homes. Up until the summer, the company has been relatively quiet on newswires. But a recent series of announcements seems to have excited the market a bit.

Most recently the company reported that it has a solution for what it calls the “Millennial Crisis.” Essentially, the company cites that millennials are having a hard time finding affordable housing and that their solution may carry weight. Further citing its lightweight concrete, the company says it is giving that generate new opportunities to own homes based on lower construction costs.
The company says it has a committed project for $1million but again, with sub-penny stocks, you need to do some digging. I don’t doubt the company may or may not have a deal but looking at the financial strength, ASCK stock may have simply seen a short term momentum-based move. Its latest filings show minimal cash balances of under $200 for the quarter (yep).

ASCK penny stock Financials
Also, zero revenues and liabilities of nearly $1million.  It includes over $400k in notes payable and over $300k in derivative liabilities. If you are looking at this stock, keep all of these things in mind because when it comes to sub-penny stocks, there tend to be even higher levels of risk involved. Regardless of all of this, ASCK stock traded record volume and has moved up 150% since Monday’s closing price of $0.0006.

Robinhood Penny Stock To Watch With Big Volume: Cemtrex Inc. (CETX)

Cemtrex Inc. (CETX Stock Report) was one of the largest share volume traded penny stocks to watch on August 20. By the end of the day, CETX stock traded more than 38 million shares, saw highs of $3.30 and closed the day at $1.97. Considering that this low priced stock was trading near $1.20 a share on August 19, the stock is up considerably, still.

The company announced its results for the third quarter ended June 30. The highlights of its results include revenue growth of 17% and gross profits were boosted by 38%. The company also saw its losses shrink for the quarter.

penny stocks to buy Cemtrex Inc (CETX)
Cemtrex’s Chairman and CEO, Saagar Govil, commented on the results, “We have implemented a number of changes in our organization to focus on increasing cash flow from operations which have already started to materialize.”

Does A 3-Day Rally Make This A Penny Stock To Buy? Endo International (ENDP)

Endo International (ENDP Stock Report) has been on a 3-day move recently. What helped boost ENDP stock came from the company’s latest press release. Endo’s subsidiaries reached a settlement agreement in principle with Cuyahoga county in Ohio. This was connected to a number of lawsuits relating to opioid cases against the company.

Endo International (ENDP)
Endo settled for $10 million to resolve its “track 1” cases. In response to this, Chief Legal Officer, Matthew Maletta said, “Endo is pleased to have reached a resolution in principle of the Track 1 Cases, which are currently scheduled to go to trial in October 2019. This is a favorable outcome for the company.”

Shares have moved up from $2.29 late last week to highs of $3.40 on August 20. Obviously, with the opioid crisis getting bigger, this was welcome news. Shareholders also found favor in the stock and by the end of the day, the penny stock traded over 19 million shares and finished out the session at $3.02.

Is Cheetah Mobile (CMCM) Another Penny Stock To Buy Before Friday?

The final penny stock to watch on this list: Cheetah Mobile (CMCM Stock Report). The penny stock was quietly creeping up over the previous two sessions. However, on Tuesday, CMC stock rallied big and on record volume for 2019.

Cheetah Mobile (CMCM)
Why did Cheetah Mobile stock run? It all has lead up to the company reporting earnings this week.  CMCM shares have been on a steady climb since August 15 and on August 20 that increased dramatically thanks to earnings news.  The company issued a special dividend of $0.50 per share American Depositary Share or US$0.05 per ordinary share.

The total dividends to be paid will be in the ballpark of $72 million and funded with cash on Cheetah’s books. The company also saw exceeded expectations from things like revenue, which exceeded previous guidance despite dipping in the quarter. Will this be enough to make it one of the penny stocks to buy on Wednesday?

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