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Do These Marijuana Stocks Have Bare Bottom Prices Right Now? $CTST $CRON $TLRY $ACRGF

The marijuana stock market has seen some better days outside of the past few weeks. With the industry still has a long way to go considering it’s still very much in its infancy. This means that the volatility might be here to stay for a short while. While some investors enjoy volatility in marijuana stocks as it gives an opportunity for some swing trading, others like a more stable market. With prices at a low right now, some stocks may be considered buys that otherwise wouldn’t. These marijuana stocks to watch have a lot to offer budding investors as hopefully, they continue to show returns in the long run.

Marijuana Stocks to Watch Right Now

CannTrust Holdings (NYSE:CTST) is one of the leading producers of marijuana-based out of the Canadian market. The company had some troubles recently as regulators in Canada discovered they had grown some marijuana illegitimately.

Many are still waiting to find out what actually happened, so investors should definitely keep this one on the back-burner for now. The company does have the potential to keep growing as they have production levels reaching all time highs. CannTrust Holdings remains a marijuana stock to watch moving into the future of the industry.

Cronos Group (NASDAQ:CRON) is a cannabis stock that currently trades around the $15 mark. This is quite low considering the value that they have to offer investors. The company has been working to move deeper into the product market associated with cannabis. This includes both edible and vaporizable products. The hopes are that they can reap the benefits from the sales and production of these two specialty products. As this side of the market continues to grow, the company definitely should remain on any investors watchlist.

Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY) is a company that some have said to be quite risky. After quickly shooting up to over $200 only a few months after trading commenced, the company saw its price quickly shoot back down.
The company now sits at around $40 which is quite low considering what investors saw in them only a few months ago. Tilray remains with a very large market cap north of $4 billion despite the pullbacks with the stock price. As one of the leaders in the industry, they definitely remain a marijuana stock to watch.

Keeping the Focus

Acreage Holdings (OTCMKTS:ACRGF) is another one of the major players in the marijuana market. The company has a price target of around $18 which is quite high considering where they currently sit. Acreage reportedly has cultivation, processing and sales in as many as 20 states across the U.S.
With the U.S. industry on marijuana growing so quickly, the broadness of their scope represents a definite chance of profitability in the near future. The company continues to be one of a few vertically integrated multi-state dispensary operators which continues to make them a pot stock to watch. All in all, Acreage Holdings could have an even brighter future on the way.

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