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Are These 2 Pot Stocks Due for a Bounce? $PLNHF $SOLCF

The pot stock market has seen quite a bit of ups and downs over the past few months. In that time, we have seen the value of some company’s shoot up as well as the amount of potential for the market. With marijuana stocks riding high, we must consider the various variables that go into a valuation.
These factors can help to determine which pot stock to watch and which ones to let fall by the wayside. There are undoubtedly a lot of options when it comes to pot stocks. This is where things like commitment to innovation, earnings reports and other factors seem to come into play.

A Pot Stock to Watch for the Future

SOL Global Investments Corp. (CSE: SOL) (OTC: SOLCF) is one of the foremost companies currently working out of the international investment cannabis stock market. The company works by investing in various cannabis and cannabis-related businesses within the U.S. In the U.S. thus far, the legal hemp and CBD market has become extremely large.
In other places around the globe such as Europe, the cannabis and hemp market is still growing at a progressive pace. The company has made strategic investments throughout the marijuana stock market. As they continue to research and develop new ways to utilize the substance, they remain a key player. Many have stated that SOL Global Investments Corp. is a pot stock to watch. This is especially true as the U.S. cannabis stock market continues to shoot up in value.

What’s Next for SOL Global Investments Corp.?

SOL Global Investments Corp. recently announced that they have invested around $6.5 million into a company known as CannCure Investments Inc. With this capital, the latter should be able to efficiently move toward future growth. CannCure for those who don’t know, is a subsidiary owned by SOL Global Investments Corp. The former owns a majority stake in SOL Global, which they use to help guide the company on the right path.
CannCure has stated that they will use the capital infusion to begin with their binding agreements. These agreements are ones that they have in place to acquire MCP Wellness. MCP Wellness reportedly owns the rights to two Michigan cannabis cultivation licenses. In addition, they own one processing license, and three licensed cannabis provisioning centers. With this, they should be able to become one of the leaders in the growing Michigan cannabis market. All in all, SOL Global Investments Corp. and their subsidiaries, continue to illustrate why they are such an important pot stock to watch.

Vertically Integrated Pot Stock to Watch

Planet 13 Holdings (OTC:PLNHF) is one of the leading vertically integrated growers of marijuana. The company has as many as 130 retail store licenses which they use to put out the bulk of their product. Working out of the Las Vegas market, the company has time and time again illustrated their importance to the pot stock market.
With their super store in Las Vegas totaling around 112,000 square feet when fully built out, they should be able to take over the market one step at a time. When the store is finished, it will hold within it a pizzeria, coffee shop, event center and a marijuana processing center. Because the operation if fully vertical, the margins should remain quite high. All in all, Planet 13 Holdings remains a pot stock to watch.

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