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3 Penny Stocks You Won’t Find On Robinhood This Month - $DCGD $APHD $SKPO

Some Penny Stocks Can’t Be Traded On The Robinhood App. It Doesn’t Seem To Be A Problem Until You Miss Out On 1,000% or maybe 36,000% Moves.

If you’ve ever wanted to look for penny stocks to buy, I’m sure that you’ve started by putting together a list of penny stocks. Most traders today have become more aware of the risks that small-cap stocks can hold. So, it’s important to do plenty of research before jumping right into a trade. Though there are momentum day traders that rapidly trade in and out of certain penny stocks, new investors may want to start slow.
Of course, it’s tempting to want to make a quick buck. But take a look at some of these top penny stocks and you’ll notice something. That “something” is that this shortlist of penny stocks focuses on ones that have sustained gains for days, even weeks and can’t be traded on penny stock trading app, Robinhood.

A Penny Stock On A 36,000%, Multi-Week Rally: Discovery Gold (DCGD)

Don’t get us wrong, gold stocks are in a monster bull trend this summer. The uncertainty of the US/China trade, as well as shaky global economics, have investors flocking to the safe-haven sector. But Discovery Gold (DCGD Stock Report) may have more than just gold prices helping to boost shares. I did an investigative piece on this earlier in the year before things got too crazy for the company. A deeper dive may suggest that speculation is helping drive this company’s stock price.

DCGD penny stock chart
Though it’s a gold name, the company’s latest actions could support a move to become a marijuana stock. In its latest announcement, the company added Dr. Jeff Sharkey to its Advisory board. Case in point, Sharkey is a cannabis consultant; far from mining. I could go into the full speculation but it’s outlined in more detail in the article, “Money Making Penny Stocks: This Gold Stock Is Up Over 2,900% This Month.” Give that a quick read for more info on my opinion of this penny stock. Needless to say DCGD stock is up tremendously this year; over 36,000%.

Penny Stock To Watch #2: Appiphany Technologies Holdings Corp (APHD)

Another penny stock to watch this week: Appiphany Technologies Holdings (APHD Stock Report). There hasn’t been as much by way of penny stock news from the company at all. In fact, it hasn’t put out a PR since 2017. The company has, however, submitted filings to OTCMarkets. There was a 10-K or annual financial statement filed this month. Next, there was a 13-G filing made that shows Mouhaned Khoury beneficially owns about 17% of the company’s common stock.

APHD penny stock robinhood 13G

After doing some digging it also appears that Mr. Mouhaned may be an activist investor who also made a large purchase in shares of CMG Holdings Group, Inc. (CMGO) late last year. Of course, we all saw that at the beginning of 2019, CMGO stock saw a massive breakout from under $0.004 to highs of nearly $0.03. What followed was an even greater dump to lows of $0.0031 so take it for what it’s worth.

Skye Petroleum, Inc. (SKPO): Another One Of The Penny Stocks Robinhood Users Missed – Up Over 2,200% This Year

Last but not least, Skye Petroleum, Inc. (SKPO Stock Report) joins another list of penny stocks Robinhood users can’t buy. We reported on this company at the end of July when it was already up over 1,100%. It looks like that figure has doubled in just a few short days (and then some). Check out “3 Money Making Penny Stocks You Can’t Buy On Robinhood.”

SKPO penny stock on robinhood chart

In any case, there is still no penny stock news and no recent penny stock filings from the company. As was cited in that last article, oil and gas stocks have been catching attention lately. This is both for the good and the bad. Volatility always plays a part in trading momentum, especially for penny stocks. Skye has witnessed this first hand this summer.

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