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$SBUX - Starbucks Announces Nationwide Delivery with Uber Eats - $UBER

The partnership will roll out across the country through 2020.

As convenient as Starbucks is — the old joke being that there's one on nearly every corner — getting coffee delivered from the Seattle-based chain has been a little slow in coming. Yes, the brand previously teamed up with the likes of courier services such as Postmates to offer marked-up delivery from some stores previously. But an official, national delivery partner (in a food industry that seems to more and more be dominated by delivery) had yet to come on board until today as Starbucks announced it will expand its Uber Eats delivery test program nationwide by next year.
On the heels of an initial test in Miami, followed by a handful of other major cities, Starbucks will add more locations throughout the coming months to the Uber Eats platform. As with the test runs, customers will order through the Uber Eats app (not the Starbucks mobile app) and be able to track their delivery progress that way. Standard Uber Eats fees and tips apply, and there will be a $2 fee for orders under $10 (so order for the whole office, I guess).
Of course, many Starbucks regulars (including myself) are rather finicky about their orders, with specific shots, dairy/nondairy milks, and pumps or scoops of flavorings. Apparently, Starbucks and Uber Eats have that covered. "With approximately 95 percent of core menu items available directly from the Starbucks menu, customers will be able to customize their orders just as they would when ordering on Starbucks mobile apps," an announcement from the brand states. Starbucks and Uber Eats are also developing packaging systems that will keep items hot (or cold) and spill-free during their journey.
"We are driven to create new and unique digital experiences that are meaningful, valuable and convenient for our customers," Roz Brewer, group president and chief operating officer for Starbucks, said in a statement. "Partnering with Uber Eats helps us take another step towards bringing Starbucks to customers wherever they are."
Currently, Uber Eats delivery for Starbucks is available in 11 markets — Miami, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, Houston, and Dallas — and is slated to be available nationwide by "early 2020."
Uber Eats was the exclusive delivery partner of another near-ubiquitous brand, McDonald's, until the fast food chain announced it'd be expanding its delivery options (and footprint) by teaming up with DoorDash as well.
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