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Penny Stocks: Potential Bottom Bouncers to Watch for the Week of 7.15.2019 #stockstowatch

What is a Bottom: A bottom is the lowest price reached by a financial security, commodity, index or economic cycle. Often, a specific time span is used to determine a bottom, and that time-frame can be a year, month or even intraday.

Breaking Down A Bottom: A bottom can help an investor or technical analyst to gauge the trading range for a security which can provide guidance for security valuations. Technical analysts usually study the entire history of a security’s price movements, short-term trading levels and a security’s trading volume when seeking to determine a future price.

How a Bottom Is Used by Investors: If a stock has bottomed out, it means the stock reached its low point and could be in the early stages of an upward trend. Often a bottom can be a signal for a reversal. Investors often see a bottom as an opportunity to purchase a stock when the security is under-priced or trading at its lowest value. In technical analysis, a bottom is identified as the lowest level of support when charting a security.

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