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$PCTL - That One Penny Stock Play to Watch Come Monday 7.22.2019

PCTL - PCT LTD, through its subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation, develops and licenses environmentally safe solutions in the United States and internationally. It offers Hydrolyte, a sanitizer/disinfectant microbiocide that delivers decontamination and sterilization for use in institutional facilities, agriculture industry, oil and gas industry, and water in public and private water systems, as well as in industrial waste-water systems; and Catholyte, a non-toxic mild detergent, degreaser, and surfactant used for janitorial cleaning purposes. The company was formerly known as Bingham Canyon Corporation and changed its name to PCT LTD in February 2018. PCT LTD was incorporated in 1986 and is headquartered in Little River, South Carolina.

The PCT Annihilyzer® System is a turnkey on-site generation (OSG) unit that effectively generates, dispenses and manages Annihilyte® and Catholyte Free™ solutions. Annihilyte® is an effective sanitizer and hospital-grade disinfectant. Catholyte Free™ is an effective mild detergent, surfactant and degreaser. These products are no more toxic than water and much safer and eco-friendly than traditional cleaning products such as bleach, ammonia.

These products together with the other PCT Annihilyzer® System components provide facilities operators with a vast array of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection solutions. The PCT Annihilyzer® System uses Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to allow cleaning personnel to effectively track the use and lifecycle of the products, which rooms have been treated, when, by whom and whether it was done properly.

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