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One Marijuana Stock And The UFC Form New Partnership

One marijuana stock Aurora Cannabis (TSX:ACB) (NYSE:ACB)  and Ultimate Fighting Championship have now partnered up with each other. The UFC and this marijuana stock have the intention of launching a joint clinical research program. The program will be for defining the use of CBD. The partnership between the Canada based marijuana stock and the leading organization for martial arts came forth on Wednesday permitting the testing of cannabidiol (CBD) products. The joint program is aimed at exploring the benefits of CBD products with respect to relieving pain, inflammation, and wound-healing along with helping the fighters in quicker recovery.

Clinical Research Study To Explore The Benefits Of CBD

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that helps relax the body without altering the mind like THC. Even though CBD- can be extracted from both hemp as well as cannabis the topic has been center stage and has created a buzz for its medical benefits ever since the legalization of the hemp plant in December. Also, the FDA prohibits the inclusion of CBD in food and beverages. The organization also forbids companies like marijuana stock Curaleaf Holdings to sell CBD based products with wild claims like treating cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, pet anxiety, etc.
UFC Performance Institute would be used for the clinical study which is divided into multiple phases. Volunteering from UFC athletes who are currently active would also be permitted to establish research which is peer-reviewed and thus publishable and more reliable.

What Will The Future Hold

Terry Booth, the CEO of the cannabis stock  Aurora Cannabis, claims the partnership to be a strategic move with the purpose of educating and promoting the cannabis industry. The products that would be launched would be in compliance with the anti-doping program of UFC which coincides with the regulations of the World Anti-Doping Agency and U.S. Department of Agriculture.
The study would prove to be groundbreaking in the sports world and for humanity in general. The investment and expenditure on this study would eventually bring about effective changes among the athletes, gradually shifting to NFL, the NBA, and soccer, and then even more. Provided that the research proves to be a successful one, any new products would be sold as UFC’s official CBD product under the new sports brand named ROAR.
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