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💸 Two Stocks to Watch For The Week of June 3rd

I'm going to keep this short and simple.  My two stocks that I'll be watching this week are Constellation Brands $STZ, and General Motors $GM!

Trump, Tariffs, and Mexico are the reasons why these two will have a lot of ups and downs.  Overall I am bearish on these two, but they will naturally have their daily "bullish" runs.  These two companies manufacture a lot of their products in Mexico, so any negative economic actions talked about or taken will beat these two companies down.

As I write this article the Dow futures are around -150 points, so a gap down is almost likely to happen for these two companies.  With that said,  be patience at the opening.  There will be a lot of volatility in price action.  Let it calm down and watch the 5 minute candlesticks along with the MACD.

If the market gaps down too much, there is a likelihood for a short bullish run before it decides to selloff again.  That is what I will be looking for.

Remember that patience is the key for the best entry!

Constellation Brands $STZ

General Motors $GM

Author:  James Mason 

I am a momentum day trader. I mostly trade large cap stocks. I post live trades and go over the reasoning for my actions in those trades. I enjoy helping others learn how to trade. STAY TUNED! BIG PROJECT IN THE WORKS THAT WILL BENEFIT MY SUBSCRIBERS.  

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