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Bullish Basics

Although nobody’s really sure where the investor slang originated, a bullish stock is one with consistently rising prices over the long term. It’s not quite as simple as straight-line growth, however: A bullish stock’s value may rise and fall periodically, but every time its value peaks, it’s at a higher point than the previous peak. This is also known as “ascending tops,” although that phraseology isn’t nearly as flashy, so you probably won’t hear many on-air analysts use it. Because of their continued growth, bullish stocks are good investments.

Bullish Markets

Just like a single stock’s growth can be bullish, the market can be described as bullish as well. Typically, investors reference an index, such as the Dow Jones or NASDAQ, and examine its peaks as a measure of the entire market’s health or performance. Bull markets display price graphs with ascending tops and are associated with periods of economic growth. Bull markets don’t necessarily equate to bullish stocks across the board, and individual firms’ stocks may underperform the market, just as some stocks are bullish when the market isn’t.

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My Top 2 Will Be: IOVA ACGL

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