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📊📈 Tradenet's Trading Challenge for a 240k Account

💥 If anyone is interested in Tradenet's trading challenge to try and win the $240K account, here is the registration. It doesn't cost anything, it's a demo account that you will trade with in hopes of winning the funded account. The funded account trades CFD's... google it if you don't know what those are, but it's basically paper trading even with the live account. I'm entering and I'm just going to copy my normal trades. I want to see some of us from Transparent Traders in the top 10 so we can claim bragging rights. If you enter the challenge and blow the account up, oh well it didn't cost you anything 😂


  1. Let's rock this challenge! I'm waiting to see some of our people in the top 10!!!!

    1. Will be awesome to see our group leading this competition.

  2. I have entered the competition and plan on winning!

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