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📈 My Top Penny Stocks to Watch on 5.14.2019 📈 $MARA $VCSY

When to use a Watch-list: An investor, for example, may be interested in purchasing stocks in a particular sector. But if that sector is generally overvalued, it may offer few stocks that are attractively priced. An investor could create a list of all the stocks in that sector that would track various valuation measures, including ratios such as trailing price-to-earnings, price-to-sales, price-to-book, among others. When a company on the list met a specified valuation criterion, such as a PE ratio less than 15, he or she would then know that this stock was a possible candidate for investment. Many investment-oriented websites allow visitors to create watch-lists online.

Ticker Symbols: MARA VCSY

Transparent Traders Bullish Penny Stock Scanner TOS Scanner http://tos.mx/pP2945

- Close ---> .0005 to 5.00
- Volume ---> Min. 200k / Max. Unlimited
- % Change ---> 2%
- Price Direction ---> Close, Increased, 2 Consecutive Bars
- Bollinger Bands Crossover ---> Above, Upper, Length 20, STD 2.0, Average Simple
- MACD Histogram Crossover ---> Neg to Pos, Length 12-26-9, Average Exponential

Jonny Red's Penny Stock Trade Thoughts Below:

1. MARA - 4 consecutive Green days, i am looking for this to break through 3.75 and hold.  Would like to see it test a new high. Bought shares at 3.15.

2. VCSY - Multiple Green days in a row.  I bought in at .0093, and looking to swing trade this for a week or so.  I think we will test the .0139 high again, and break through it.


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  2. Interesting choices to watch. I haven't heard of either of these companies; although, I'm going to dig a little deeper into their financials. Going to do some research and then potentially invest.

    1. My typical Penny Stock plays right here. Just swing trading them for 20% profit.