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Massive DD Package for OTC Cannabis Ticker $WUHN #marijuanastocks

WUHN - Wuhan General Group (China) Co., Ltd. is a China-based holding company. The Company operates through its subsidiaries, Wuhan Blower Co., Ltd., which is engaged in energy generation in the field; Wuhan Generating Equipment Co., Ltd.; Wuhan Xin Green Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is focused on numerical control machine tools, fans and power plant auxiliary products in the field of manufacturing. The Company, through its subsidiaries, also manufactures fans and power generation equipment, and power plant auxiliary products. The Company is also a supplier of CNC machine tool equipment. Its focus is on equipment manufacturing, environmental protection and new energy fields.

DD Package Brought to you By: AbeLincolns

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  1. South Africa is now officially open for CBD business - Always nice to be ahead of the curve and paving the way. Another big win for $WUHN @WGG_Company https://twitter.com/WGG_Company