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Massive DD Package for Aurora Cannabis, Inc $ACB

ACB ---> Aurora Cannabis Inc. produces and distributes medical cannabis products. It is vertically integrated and horizontally diversified across various segments of the cannabis value chain, from facility engineering and design to cannabis breeding, genetics research, production, derivatives, high value-add product development, home cultivation, wholesale, and retail distribution. The company's products consist of dried cannabis and cannabis oil; CanniMed vegan capsules; and hemp products, as well as sells vaporizers, consumable vaporizer accessories, and herb mills for using herbal cannabis products. It also operates CanvasRX, a network of cannabis counseling and outreach centers; and provides cannabis analytical product testing services. As of February 26, 2019, the company had operations in 24 countries across five continents. Aurora Cannabis Inc. has collaboration agreements with PharmaChoice, Pharmasave, and Shoppers Drug Mart for the distribution, sale, and marketing of medical cannabis products through their respective networks of pharmacies. The company has a strategic agreements with Hempco Food and Fiber Inc.; CTT Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Choom Holdings Inc.; Capcium Inc.; The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.; Société des Alcools du Québec; Alcanna; Radient Technologies; Micron Waste; Wagner Dimas; Evio; and Cann Group Limited. Aurora Cannabis Inc. is headquartered in Edmonton, Canada.

1. Aurora Sky – 800,000 sq. ft. purpose-built greenhouse – 100,000 kg plus cannabis; $1 billion revenue; on airport property for ease of shipping; 90% licensed to produce and sell will be 100% by end of December
2. Aurora Sun – 1.2 million sp. ft. purpose built greenhouse 120,000 kg cannabis $1 billion plus revenue under construction fully funded
3. Aurora Nordic – 51% Aurora 49% Alfred Pedersen & Son 100,000 sq. ft. purpose built greenhouse; summer 2018; 1,000,000 sq. ft. purpose built greenhouse; 120,000 kg of cannabis; $1 billion plus revenue; now growing in Denbmark/Europe under construction fully funded
4. Aurora Mountain - 55,200 sq. ft. purpose built greenhouse
5. Aurora Vie – 44,000 sq. ft. purpose built greenhouse
6. Lachute Facility - 48,000 purpose built greenhouse 4,500 kg
7. H2 Biopharma – 100% owner; Sits on 46 acres H2 Biopharma may purchase for $136,000CAD
8. CanniMed – 7,000 kg of production EU GMP Certified; patients 22,000; patents; Intellectual property…. came with $65 million cash
9. MedReleaf – Markham 7,000 kg; Bradford 28,000 kg; Exeter 105,000 kg with potential to double in size; came with $256 million in cash; 40,000 patients
10. Peloton Pharmaceuticals – 100% ownership
11. CanvasRx Holdings – 100% ownership
12. Pedanios GmbH – 100% ownership of a GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR; not a deal with distributor like other LPs but ownership of it all
13. Larssen Ltd. – 100% ownership; involved with 15 cannabis industry clients, 5 in Canada
14. Radient Tech – 16% ownership on diluted basis
15. Micron Waste – 6.46% ownership
16. Liquor Stores N.A. – Now Alcanna; 25% ownership non-diluted basis
- will have 37 stores for Alberta alone planned; more will come as regulations allow
- 5 stores did 1.3 million in sales in first 5 days of legalization
- 3.87% dividend;
17. HempCo Food – 52% ownership
18. Cann Group Limited – 22.9% ownership
19. The Green Organic Dutchman TGOD Investment – 17.62% ownership; can increase to 50%
20. BC Northern Lights Ltd. And Urban Cultivator, Inc. – 100% ownership
21. Anandia Labs - 100% ownership
22. Capcium – 19.99% ownership; $10 million private placement
23. CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc.: 9.14% ownership was a private placement US$1 million 5% convertible debenture; converted 9/11/2018; The agreement includes an issuance of warrants enabling to Aurora to increase ownership to 42.5%
24. HotHouse Consulting Inc.: LOI to acquire
25. Malta Greenhouse: First cultivation LOI issue; EU GMP standard facility; size TBA
26. Choom Holdings, Inc.: 8% ownership; $7 million Aurora receive 9,859,155 common shares from Choom's treasury, priced at $0.71 per share
27. Evio Beauty Group Ltd.: Partnership; collaborate to develop a line of co-branded hemp seed oil cosmetic products ("Non-Infused Products") as well as a collection of CBD infused cosmetic products ("Infused Products").
28. Wagner Dimas Inc.: Pre-Rolls; Aurora and Wagner Dimas will form a new Canadian entity to which Wagner Dimas has agreed to assign intellectual property with exclusive rights to Aurora
29. Namaste Technologies, Inc.: BC Northern Lights and Namaste Technologies have signed a Hardware Supply Agreement whereby Namaste will be the first third-party distributor to sell BCNL's premium home cultivation systems and accessories through its online technology platform.
Item 30 is ICC but it has a category of its own ..a trully great deal for Aurora

ICC Labs

1. projected 450,000 kg of production;
2. 26,638 medical consumers were registered with ICC Labs as of June 2018;
3. Columbia licenses (50 million people): ICC
4. Labs’ Colombian subsidiary a license to cultivate psychoactive cannabis plants for medicinal purposes for domestic and international distribution; 124,000 sq. ft. greenhouse
5. ICC Labs, Inc. owns 25% of in Global Group Kalapa S.L. (“KALAPA”),
6. a private company headquartered in Barcelona Spain with the option to acquire the remaining 75% through the end of 2018.
7. KALAPA is the first pan-European medical consultancy specializing in treatments with cannabinoids
8. as owning 100% of KSK Labs, a producer and manufacturer of products based on CBD
9. with a presale agreement with Spain based VenPharma for an initial 140,000 CBD products with the next order to be 370,000 CBD annually to be sold via 1,300 points of sale;
10. Only Uruguay publicly traded license producer;
11. there is one other but it is a private company;
12. licensed 550 acres for hemp CBD production and export;
13. currently 69 acres of hemp production as of April 2018;
14. GMP certified extraction lab in Uruguay;
15. Domestic cannabis rec market 3.1 million people with two licensed producers
16. ICC has deal to export CBD to Emblem; presale of 10% of ICC's CBD production in 2018
17. Deal with Nuuvera now part of Aphria to export CBDs oils/crystals;
18. ICC subsidiary Tersum S.A., will export 150 kilograms CBD crystal in 2018 to ARA - Avanti Rx Analytics Inc., a subsidiary of Nuuvera Inc.;
19. ICC has deal with CanPharma to export to Germany CBD isolate, oils and other derivatives, as well as various medicinal tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabis products,
20. ICC granted first licence to produce medical Cannabis in Greece
Item 31
31. Agropro UAB: 100% ownership: Europe's biggest producer, processor and supplier of hemp and Borela UAB: 100% ownership: Hemp processor and distributor for 5.36 million euros, or $6.2 million, in cash; 1,600 hectares under contract that can potentially yield more than 1 million kg of organic hemp with the possibility of adding more than 3,000 hectares across the Baltic Republics and Poland
Currently produces 1,000,000 hemp has land for additional 3,000,000 kg


32. Supply Agreements in Canada:
a. Ontario: KG TBD
b. Shoppers Drugmart; Canada’s largest pharmacy retailer
c. Alberta: Aurora to allocate up to 25,000 kg of product for the first 6 months of sales
d. Alberta: via MedReleaf terms not disclosed but possibly 25,000 kg
e. British Columbia: Both Aurora and MedReleaf; terms not announced
f. Quebec: Aurora 5,000 kg; MedReleaf 8,000 kg
g. Emblem: presale of 10% of ICC's CBD production in 2018
h. Nuuvera now Aphria: 150 kilograms CBD crystal in 2018
i. Namaste Tech: TBD
j. Sundial: up to 250,000 grams of CBD crystal per year
k. Alcanna: TBD 37 retail stores in Alberta province to be increased as regulations allow
l. Yukon: TBD
m. Manitoba: TBD
n. Prince Edward Island: TBD
o. Newfoundland: TBD
p. Labrador: TBD
33. International Supply Agreements
a. Germany via ICC Labs: CanPharma GmbH, a licensed importer and wholesaler of narcotics TBD
b. Columbia via ICC Labs: Hlessing Industries presale of 42,000 grams of THC extract, 11,000
grams of CBD extract, 118,000 milliliters of THC oil and 30,000 milliliters of CBD oil
c. Mexico via ICC Labs; presale of 120,000 30 milliliter of CBD oil bottles
d. Brazil via ICC Labs; presale of 180,000 30 milliliter of CBD oil bottles
e. Spain via ICC Labs: 140,000 CBD products with intention next orders is to sell 370,000 CBD
products annually
f. Italy: via Pedanios TBD; have shipped previously
g. Germany: via 100% owned Pedanios distribution company; TBD
H. first license to sell Medical in Poland


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