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Massive DD pack for $FLCX new ticker symbol for $GRPV #GripeVine

Attached is a DD pack for $FLCX new ticker symbol for $GRPV #GripeVine. 

I believe this is a longer hold w/ high upside. 

Current PPS = $.185 w/ $0.30 52 wk high. 
Recent ticker/name change 
Tradeable O/S is 57,402,863 or less. 

Brought to by AbeLincolns ---> @phillyspecialSB

Flooidcx Corp, formerly Gripevine Inc., is engaged in the development and marketing of Gripevine. GripeVine is a proprietary complaint-resolution platform for the facilitation and management of social customer service via centralized communication, rating, and review tools. The tools offered to businesses and consumers incentivize positive and amicable outcomes and reward reliable consumers and responsive businesses. It operates on three levels: local search, business ratings and reviews industry; collection and distribution of customer commentary, sentiment, and feedback to organizations; and social customer service, which includes the provision of company administration and management tools for the back-office, aimed at customer response and loyalty enhancement. The Company’s platform includes the handling of ratings, reviews, complaint resolution statuses while offering data collection features such as scoring, polling, comments, voting, and credibility points.

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