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DD Package for OTC Ticker $LRSV

LRSV ---> Cryptolus Ltd, formerly Link Reservations, Inc., is engaged in reservation process, which allows its clients to book reservations for their potential clients. The Company enables its customers to provide online booking services for clients across the globe. The Company offers reservation services to clients engaged in operating a hotel, restaurant, spa, banquet or conference hall. The customers can provide their credit card information through e-mail or phone to book the services.

Growth opportunities for cannabis companies in the pet care industry
A quick look back at the history books reveals how certain industries have seen disruptive growth in certain time periods, and early investors of such disruptive technologies or developments not only gained substantial returns on their investments, but also helped shape a new and better world for the others. Examples include the growth of the World Wide Web, Industrial Revolution, the growth of social media and many more.
Today, we are seeing a secular trend in the making centered on an unusual candidate; the growth of cannabis products.
Canada has remained at the forefront in revolutionizing the way investors look at cannabis products, and the Canadian government legalized the use of marijuana back in 2018, and became the first G7 nation to do so.
Along with the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes, and for use as a medical substance, the cannabis industry is expected to grow at break-neck speeds in Canada, and many other countries are currently considering legalizing the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. On the other hand, many countries including the U.S. currently allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes.


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