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Cannabis OTC Stock $NXEAF - Nextleaf Solutions Ltd. #potsocks #cannabisnews

NXEAF - Nextleaf Solutions focuses on extraction technology and has created a portfolio of issued and pending patents to protect their unique, industrial-scale process of procuring purified cannabinoid distillate. Nextleaf and BevCanna have signed a Letter of Intent for research and development and supply purposes. BevCanna is a bottling facility in Osoyoos, B.C., which has 40,000 sq. ft of space and has a capacity of 40 million bottles per year. Nano-emulsified water-soluble THC and CBD are expected to be used in all BevCanna-infused beverages, which should be produced at Nextleaf’s processing facility.

Nextleaf pioneers the development and delivery of market-validated, patented cannabis processing solutions. We maximize the return on every harvest, through innovative processes and value-added products.

Nextleaf’s vision is to set the global standard for the development of novel extraction technology. We provide processing solutions for the next generation of cannabis consumers and products.

Market Cap: $62.8 Million
YTD Return: +62.5%
30 Day Average Trading Volume: 2,194,000
90 Day Average Trading Volume: 1,826,000

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