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What Else is Brewing this Week....

  • Target (+2.61%) is raising its U.S. minimum wage from $12/hour to $13 in June. Did we mention the labor market is tight?
  • The latest in the deadly Ethiopian Airlines crash: The jet had a faulty sensor, but pilots followed Boeing’s recommended procedures when the plane began to nosedive.
  • JPMorgan (+0.97%) CEO Jamie Dimon released his annual shareholder letter. It’s not as folksy as Buffett’s, but Dimon vouched for capitalism and encouraged CEO involvement in policy making.
  • President Trump will nominate ex-pizza exec/presidential hopeful Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve Board.
  • Adidas is bringing on Beyoncé as a creative partner. Some might say she’s...irreplaceable.
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  1. I love this weekly morning brew stuff. I always look forward to it since it's in my favorite financial website. I could get trending world news without clicking on different sites. Keep it coming.

  2. Really? The labor market is tight? This is becoming like a continuous trend and I think, if possible, it's time a little change in whatever is being considered.

  3. This Ethiopian Airlines crash is still aa trending topic long after the Incident. I still sit and think about what might have gone wrong for real because the event is indeed tragic and I can't imagine what the family of those people would be thinking each time they see a post or news about it.

    1. Amazes me the amount of media attention they continue to give to this.

  4. True, the jet had a faulty sensor, but still, the pilots followed Boeing’s recommended procedures when the plane began to nosedive. It's just unfortunate that they couldn't save it and it crashed.