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How To Find Stocks & Penny Stocks To Buy Before They Run!

If you are new to investing and are looking to learn how to find stocks and penny stocks to buy you have come to the right video. When I was new at trading I had this same problem and I fully understand how frustrating it can be to find stocks that run. The key is BEFORE they run! In this video I give you a guide on how to start your research exactly how I did before I quit trading to run Investors Hangout. Stock tickers I used in this video are STEM,SFOR,BTGI,PJET See below for the links to the boards. Get ahead of the game and find the best stock alerts BEFORE they run! With a 80%+ success rate you gotta check out the NASDAQ Dip and RIP board: http://investorshangout.com/NASDAQ-DI... Investors Hangout MVP's: http://investorshangout.com/Investors... STEM StemCells Inc. Stock Message Board: http://investorshangout.com/StemCells... SFOR Strikeforce Technologies, Inc.: http://investorshangout.com/Strikefor... BTGI Bulova Technologies Group Inc.: http://investorshangout.com/Bulova-Te... PJET Priority Aviation Inc.: http://investorshangout.com/Priority-...

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  1. Tons of great information you shared. Love how you go in depth on every subject. Would you recommend that in order to get an edge on the market... joining groups with other traders is the best way to go about it?

  2. To find stocks that are undervalued simply look at their charts. Once you know where a stock normally trades, you can predict where the stock is likely to head.