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The Basics Of Investing In Stocks And Shares

Stocks can be considered a tool for building wealth, as they are a part of almost every investment portfolio. They represent the ownership of a company and are bought in the form of shares. Shares refer to the stock of a particular company. Your stake in a company depends on how many shares you possess, because these are considered a part of the company’s capital.

The popularity of investing in the stock market is increasing constantly. Today, investment in stocks and shares is not limited to the well to do; even the average middle-class is getting into it in droves. The opening up of markets with advanced trading technologies has made owning shares easy for everyone. However, if you are planning to invest, do not depend on luck to get you returns. Investment in stocks is considered a very risky affair. It requires a high rate of return. You need to use a well thought out strategy and necessary tools to invest in the share market.

The allure of investing in shares and stocks, however, does not mean that every would-be investor has the know-how of this often-slippery market. If you feel that the get-rich-quick theory applies to stocks and shares, then it is a misguided notion, because stocks are not the answer to instant wealth. Just like the real estate market, the share market also involves a lot of risk. Yet, people are often under the misconception that they will get rich instantly if they invest in shares.

You can buy a share in a stock when a company first enlists on the stock market – that is, at flotation or privatization. Alternatively, you can purchase shares once they are in circulation and are traded.

You could go to a stockbroker if you want to buy stocks. Stockbrokers do business with the stock exchange. They hold the shares in an account that is created in the name of the nominee. You can also keep your shares in the form of a paper certificate. Once the buying and selling of shares is over the transaction is made complete through an electronic system. This system is responsible for linking all the banks along with the stockbroker and registrars of the respective companies.

You can invest in international stocks as well. When a company performs trading in a stock market of another country, their stocks are known as International stocks. These stocks are traded like the UK stocks or, for that matter those traded in the Nasdaq in the US. All the stock exchanges in the world work in the same manner.

There is no guarantee when it comes to Investment in stocks but if you are ready to take a big risk then you can expect great returns on your investment. Despite the risk factor this form of investment has outperformed other investment options like bonds or saving accounts. So if you have the right strategy and you make the right moves in the stock market then nothing can stop the money from rolling in.


  1. Rizzee CerdeΓ±olaFebruary 20, 2019 at 7:07 PM

    Investing is like a gamble, no guarantee. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Knowing the basic would do the trick though.

  2. As with everything that is potentially profitable, delving into stocks is a risk. It's best to find the best way of making it less risky.

  3. The fact that more and more people are picking up on stock trading means there's even a greater need for public education on how the stock market works. It's not a golden goose that is a guranteed source of wealth.

  4. Yes the basics are so important not just on stocks but with anything. Of course it is no guarantee of success because at times plans go array. However it is far better than being on it knowing nothing.

  5. Thanks for this exposition, yes nothing is grauranteed when it comes to stock investment and it quite risky too but if we can take the risk then it better for us.

  6. We were lucky to have a dad that invested in stock for his kids. My dad really used to invest in stocks and made good moneyfrom it too. Will be buying shares from some of the local companies in my country.

  7. Stock investment is a big risk..the earlier you know ,the better..you win some ,you lose some..their may be strategies used by professionals but I think everyone involved in stock trading is groping in the dark just like the rest of us...

  8. I would like to learn how tu built a good tsrategy to invest some money. Thanks for sharing

  9. I do consider doing or rather researching before starting something. Most people fail because they had no prior info about what they start.