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Stock Ticker $AXXA - News - Exxe’s subsidiary boosts revenues increase up to 100% with the newly signed contract & new initiative

NEW YORK, Feb. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exxe Group, Inc (AXXA), a diversified holdings company focused on synergistic acquisitions in real estate, fintech, AI, media and financial services announced that it has been awarded a long term software development contract in the insurance industry. Softsmart 2.0 specializes in software consultancy and system integrations. Exxe’s strong software consultancy and digital management consultancy expertise secures  the contract that is expected to significantly  increase projected revenues for the year.  Exxe plans to increase its focus this year on generating revenues through the combination of its software and financial consultancy services.
Softsmart has been implementing  customized software based digital solutions to corporate clients successfully for years. Recently, it signed a deal to provide software and strategy consultancy  to the company focusing on the B2B e-commerce providing wholesales insurance products and services to numerous clients nationwide. The platform has a lot of competitive advantages and Softsmart’s vast expertise in insur-tech should create a strong partnership.   Joseph Cohen, CEO of Softsmart has noted,  “We believe that our ability to source enterprise clients for our software management solutions and the new AI solutions offered through Exxe’s network subsidiaries may create a perfect match and increase in business.  With our sister company CleverGuides finalizing negotiations with the Fortune 500  companies for the deployment of its AI solutions, we see potential increased synergy that can result  in a mutually beneficial relationship that will boost cooperation and revenues.”  The current deal is Exxe Group’s  first in an effort to increase revenues generated from a new endeavor to acquire more enterprise clients for Exxe’s digital solutions. It is yet another example of Exxe’s synergistic deployment of various solutions from its  partner companies under one corporate  umbrella.
Joseph Cohen has further stated, “We strive to bring the best digital software solutions to our corporate clients. They can depend on our experience in the field as we  progress  to make our technology add a competitive edge  in the marketplace to our clients using our software.”
Exxe CEO, Dr. Nazmiev added, “At the core of our company is software development and digital management consultancy. As our aggressive acquisitions strategy plays out and  increases our revenue stream,  we return to the core of our growth focusing on building the digital enterprise marketplace, e-commerce and providing digital software solutions to our enterprise clients. Our   technology team has grown stronger, our product offerings has  become broader  and our ability to secure enterprise clients should  dramatically increase our corporate revenue over the coming financial reporting quarters in 2019. Once again, I thank the shareholders and investors that have stayed the course and remained loyal to our vision.” 
About Exxe Group: Exxe Group is a diversified corporation focusing on acquisitions in the following sectors: real estate, technology, media, and financial services. Exxe Group is an acquisition-driven company. The company’s strategy is to acquire controlling equity interests in undervalued companies and then take an active role in improving their performance - accelerating their growth by providing both access to capital and management expertise.
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